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      Hey everybody,

      i know a lot of people have been having this problem, but i cant even get to the main menu,

      its black ops 2,

      I've tried every thing possible,

      Delete the game data, rebuild the database, change the IP and DNS and ports, I've even purchased a new disc and it has not one scratch

      I've even restored the whole PlayStation,

      i have a PlayStation 3 8GB Super Slim,

      i really need help with this,

      i use to be able to play online for up to 10 hours without fault,

      now i cant even get to the main menu,

      it will either freeze on the Dolby or Activision parts of the intro,

      or after the whole intro video and go black, i can't skip the into,

      someone please fix this

      im considering getting a new console

      also i can play any other game,

      ghosts, bo1 (what i play now) mw3, GTA without any fault

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