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    While reviving a player, or repairing the drill, if you spin in circles, it works 3x as fast.

      I couldn't find this in any forums or using google. Maybe it isn't widely known yet. But I learned the other night that while reviving a player, or repairing the drill, if you make your guy spin in circles during the process, it revives and repairs like 3x the speed. I haven't confirmed it with health regeneration, because I run medic a lot, but it seems like spinning while your health is regenerating also makes it go quicker. But, as I said, not confirmed. It's insane. I didn't believe it when someone told me, and when I told people, they didn't believe until they tried it lol. It is frikin' awesome I think. I hope it isn't something they didn't want and patch it. I'm no video game creator, but I don't think something like that is done by accident, so I don't foresee a patch. Anyway, try it out.