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    unlawfully Banned

      I was playing black ops one and was exploring the communitie videos and after viewing one on top viewed there was green writting on my screen that wouldnt go away. i turned off the xbox and restarted it and it was gone. I didnt think much of it until the next day i was banned. when i called support they couldnt tell me why i was banned how long i was banned for and said no one could help me. I love call of duty and have played all of them multiple times. I have neveer had this happen i waited a long time and tried black ops again and im still banned. I'm soo upset with this. not only they cant control there servers but now the victims Me are getting banned for something they didnt do. I want to talk to some one who can help me this is crazy.

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          Re: unlawfully Banned

          Black ops was my favorite call of duty. After losing my first xbox and trying again from the begining i was excited to play again. i had the game for three weeks before getting kicked off. i need help to get someone to view this issue so i can get back to playing.

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