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    Best N00b Set up?

      Hey guys,


      I am not super great at COD:Ghosts... what is a good set up I should have so that I can be most potent on the battlefield. I am not usually a sniper, I like to get in there and fight. What are good perks? I am not good enough at staying alive long enough to maintain anything but the support package to be help...



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          Re: Best N00b Set up?

          First off  on ALL of your classes run Dead Silence!

          But as far a weapons go-

          Short: Bulldog or Mtar w/stead aim for hip-firing

          Med: Honey Badger

          Long: M27-IAR

          Attachments are personal preference;

          Best perks: Dead Silence, Amplify, Focus then rest are what ever works best for you or your loadout.

          Remove your Secondary, Lethal and Tacticals and use the extra slots for perks (may want a tact or lethal for dom)

          Support streaks: Satcom (wait until another teammate puts one down before activating), Ballistic Vests, Oracle

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            Re: Best N00b Set up?

            For a guy just getting started you will need a good AR since Ghosts is geared towards them.  There are plenty to choose from but I personally found the SC-2010 to be an all around good AR at any range.  It's not the best at anything but it is a really solid jack of all trades.  I highly recommend a RDS or some other sight for it though because I find that the hind iron sight makes it hard to track targets at a distance.


            As perks go, if I was just starting I would go with Focus (probably the most important perk in your loadout), Off the Grid, and Blind Eye.  The last two will protect you from most streaks.  Focus reduces your gun sway and your flinch when being shot.  Both of which will make you more accurate and help you win gunfights particularly at range.


            As support streaks go, I'd use the Satcom for certain being as you are new but the rest are more a matter of preference.  The Night Owl is handy in DOM since it's basically a cross between a portable radar and a trophy system that moves with you.  The Squad mate is handy in KC since he can actually pick up tags for you as well as get kills.  The Ground Jammer is really nice in a mode like Blitz where IMSs and Sentry Guns will be a concern and it's also handy when facing a team that uses a lot of Satcoms and/or IEDs.  Air Superiority is nice for taking down aerial streaks but if you want a small version, the MAAWS rocket launcher is a free fire launcher (2 shots) that is laser guided.  So you can use it to take down heli's pretty quickly and you can also use it to clear a room of campers.  Oh yes and the Oracle is probably the best support streak of them all.  It's a wall hack basically.  It gives you momentary pulses but shows you where your enemies are if they aren't wearing Blind Eye.

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              Re: Best N00b Set up?

              That's a great idea phxs72. In my case, I explored the loadouts, customize soldier for me to really be able to see what I can use according to my preferences. Before, I used to play using vector only and now I am loving the bulldog gun. It depends. As far as you explore the game, the loadouts, you will find on what you can use that come handy on your end

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