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    Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

      For starters they can force host. Once they force themselves to be host they have all kinds of power. They can grant abilities to just themselves, to individuals of their choice or to everybody in the lobby. Some of these abilities can be implemented in small enough increments to give a slight advantage to those they were granted to or in large enough increments to make it completely obvious to everyone in the lobby. These abilities include but aren't limited to jump height, speed, field of view and XP.  Other abilities can still be granted to people the host chooses but they're either on or off. Some of these abilities are unlimited ammo, no recoil, steady aim and colored boxes that indicate where the opposing players are. This is a software based way of cheating where the software resides on the modders PC and communicates with his/her xbox. I've listened to interviews with theses hackers and they seem unstoppable at the moment and there seems to be quite a few of them. The have no concern about being banned due to the fact (according to them) they can unban themselves at will. They hide behind servers dedicated to this type of activity.


      Another big thing now are the various attacks that hackers/cheaters can do for an advantage. These are the DDOS, DOS and DNS attacks. In very simple terms they flood your modem with information slowing you down thereby causing lag on your end. If they're host they can attack individual IP's. If they're not host they can attack the host IP.


      Then of course there's the lag switch that probably needs no explanation.


      I've had GHOSTS for a little over a month now and I've run into everything I mentioned above. From reading this forum I see a lot of members saying that they've only run into a cheater on a rare occasion or not at all. How do you know? For the people that have their suspicions when they see a character moving a little too fast or shooting with no recoil or seeming to know exactly where you are I say you may be on to something seeing as how these abilities can be implemented by cheaters. I personally think there's quite a few people involved in these activities in this game. I'm placed in undeniably modded lobbies a couple times a week. More often than that I'm placed in lobbies that I suspect to be slightly modded. Although, the majority of the time I think the lobbies are free of any modding. I witnessed a player get booted from the pregame lobby because he had a disagreement with another player. The player told him he was going to do it and when the booted player was midsentence he was gone. The player and his party laughed like it was cool and I got out of there quick. But, how many other players has that person and his party booted or DDOSed? I wonder.

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          1. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

          the issues you mentioned are generally PC issues, yeah there are something on xbox jtag and another one that starts with a R, i dont remeber the name, but these modder ( i say modders because hackers are way more sophisticated) do have a server they pay for on a daily or weekly basis to unban them.. i for one have not ran into any of these problems at all (ps3)


          but to get to the point.. these problems are not news,a dn what modders can do is not news, this is has been around for a long time.. when you buy a game for PC you should know that someone is going to mod it, same thing with xbox though less common im sure there are game altering mods as well.. leave the match, thats all you can do, and report.. its a shame, but thats all you can do

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            2. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

            These issues are becoming a huge problem on xbox. More and more modders are being exposed and some are actually bragging about it on their own. To you and I this may not be news but to a few it may be. I personally think that this activity may be the root of some of the complaints on this board that get chalked up to lag, lag comp, matchmaking, etc... I'm just raising awareness to those that weren't aware already.

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              3. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

              they can also kick you out of a room when your doing good! Happens to me quite a few times. This is all getting ridiculous.

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                4. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

                To the OP, I understand your concern and I agree there are people hacking and cheating in ghosts. The only blatant cheats I've come across was the invisible/all perk hack about a month ago. I ran in to them a few times over a 2 day period and that was it. I haven't seen anything suspicious since, (correction, I did join a domination game yesterday that had score in the thousands on both teams, seemed to have no time limit and I left right away), Other than that I don't see blatant hacking.


                My issue is the pointing of fingers at people who seem to be "moving a little too fast or shooting with no recoil or seeming to know exactly where you are", this starts to sound a little overly paranoid and accusing and could help feed in to the cry baby part of the community that need an exuse as to why they are getting owned. I myself know there are a lot of people out there crying "hacker/cheat" and don't think twice to report. I have messages right now sitting in my inbox from people saying they are reporting me, that I'm hacking, etc etc.


                I use to laugh at these people for going to that extreme but now its just old and pisses me off that people get so mad that their only answer must be someone with a modded xbox. All I'm saying is I'm all for reporting cheaters but their should also be a system in place for the repeat offenders who have accrued a bunch of false reports as well.


                Just my .02 cents.

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                  5. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

                  I think the only time I've ever suspected any kind of subtle hacking (and even then, no proof leaves me skeptical at best) would be the occasion match where I spawn with my stealth perks and don't even move for a sec, but when I get killed shortly after, it was by someone facing a different direction who stopped what they were doing to, with obvious deliberation, turn and face EXACTLY where I was through a wall and wait for me to come around the corner. I know what it is to get detected by someone with Amplify + Turtle Beaches, but this is totally different.


                  On the other hand, I rarely run Incog, so it's also entirely possible that someone saw me from a distance and they heard an automated call out from them. Either way, I just Keep Calm and ChainSAW!

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                    6. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

                    I agree that some people attribute poor performance on their part to cheating, lag etc... (my brother-in-law thinks every death is BS making it almost unbearable to party up with him) but, an experienced and level headed player knows or has an instinct for when something just isn't right. Most of the time there's an obvious explanation that isn't related to cheating. There are times though that cheating can be the only explanation. Theater mode made it convenient to go back and see (to an extent) what was really going on. In GHOSTS you can't review the game from all angles but you can at least test some things in a private match. Before people accuse others of cheating I recommend taking a close look at what they feel or think is wrong and why. I also agree that excessive false reports of cheating should have consequences. A probationary break from the game might actually be needed for some.

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                      7. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

                      If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck then it probably is a duck. Even without proof there's times when you need to trust your own judgement.

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                        8. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

                        Like i said on another thread about hackers, with all the time i've put into every cod since mw2, i've only seen 2 hacked lobbies. One was during mw3 when i went back and played cod 4, the other was during the same time period when i played mw2. Other than that i have not seen any of these apparently abundant hackers/modders. Where are they!? 5 1/2 days into ghosts have seen ZERO hacked/modded lobbies. How have i become this lucky to never see this activity?! Or is it because i don't simply blame every death on the other person having some sort of advantage?

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                          9. Re: Things a modder (hacker) can do on GHOSTS

                          I would say you are lucky.  I have two players on my F/L that have had the unfortunate experience of killing someone in a modded Domination lobby and receiving 100k for the kill.  One of them took advantage and has a overall score over 8million already and the other got the one kill and got the heck out of there.  I myself have dropped into a public dom match that was modded for score and you could teleport to your teammates position on the map.  I too left as soon as I felt it was not right.  Luckily I did not get any kills and my score wasn't screwed up.

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