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    TimE, WiNd, and SaND I call upon thee

      We should all join together and be as one. Then our conflicts can end and we can make the OT our posting lands.


      So WiNd I apologise for my words in the other PM group chat I made 2 weeks ago, but if you can forget that we can overcome our issues. Sorry about the mom jokes, I didn't know you lost her so recently. We can get along now?


      SaND we have easy issues to fix and we can all get along aswell. If the noob hater in the group can cut it out we will work just fine together. Agree?


      We will all combine and make a new OT group that will go in the history books forever.


      Thank you and members of these groups I would like all your thoughts in a somewhat respectfull manner.


      Toxic I know you hate groups but I welcome you to join, just so we don't have to listen to your vile words anymore.