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    Problems connecting to session between UK and Australia

      My friend has recently returned to Australia from the UK and we've been trying to play some Zombies together - unfortunately every time we try to connect to each others game we get 'Error joining game session' - she has made sure to open all the ports that Black Ops2 utilises on her router and I'm sure mines are open as I'm able to connect with my UK friends sessions - could the regions be preventing us from playing together?

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          Re: Problems connecting to session between UK and Australia

          Hello Laidrin,


          This may be related to region/ISP restrictions. Even if ports are open on both ends, if one users ISP is not providing enough bandwidth to handle joining a party, then this may be something that needs to be taken up with the service provider.


          All we can do is ensure that you have set up port forwarding properly (this can be done and confirmed by having your router manufacture set this up for you), as well as reading over other troubleshooting steps listed here: Activision Support




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