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    Xbox 360 vs PS4 online

      I've had this game on the 360 since launch and I was enjoying it up until the last update. Since then it's been horribly laggy and near unplayable most of the time.

      I was curious was this game was like on the PS4 so bought it today. Wow! The difference between the 2 is quite incredible. Despite the fact the PS4 has maybe half the amount of players as the 360 I didn't encounter ANY lag at all.

      Why is this? Do PS4 owners have vastly superior internet connections than 360 owners? Have all the players that allowed me to have good games on the 360 when the game came out all migrated to the PS4? Or - and this is my suspicion - it because the PS4 actually HAS dedicated servers whereas the 360 doesn't? Despite the fact we were told ALL platforms would get them.

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          Re: Xbox 360 vs PS4 online

          I went from PS3 to xone. The population is lower than ps3 for sure but it runs well on xone.

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            Re: Xbox 360 vs PS4 online

                 I play ghosts on the PS3 and PS4 both.  Since none of my friends have a PS4, I play mostly on the PS3, but solo I play on the PS4.  Same internet connection hooked up to the same router and there is less lag on the PS4.  PS4 has roughly 50k players, where PS3 has roughly 200K (these numbers fluctuate obviously).  Four times more players to chose from on the PS3, but it produces more lag.  I'm guessing the next gen consoles are running on full dedicated servers, where the 360 and PS3 are on that listen-dedi hybrid thingamajig.


                 It's possible that PS4 owners just have better connections as well.  Not many people are gonna dump 400 bucks + game to play on a garbage connection.  People leaching their neighbors wifi is part of the problem with lag.

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              Re: Xbox 360 vs PS4 online

              It's nice to know I'm not alone in my laggy experience of Ghosts, despite what a lot of IW lapdogs on the forums are saying suggesting that my connection is the problem. The lag comp is the problem. According to every source I've heard from, lag comp is adjustable. I believe it's been "adjusted" to enable more newbies to get kills more easily. (Just my opinion) The hit detection is good, but when you have lag it leads to insta-deaths. Which is NEW in COD. I rarely experienced insta-deaths on BO2 despite its lagginess its entire year cycle before Ghosts. So, I don't bother defending my stand anymore. Too many deaf ears here and at Infinity Ward.


              I would consider PS4 if it weren't for the fact that Titanfall is XBox only. I'm looking to Titanfall to replace COD. Besides the fact that TF is being developed by the REAL developers of COD, I'm betting there will be dedicated servers if Respawn is smart. Which I'm guessing they are. The fact that lag is worse on Ghosts then it is on BO2, and that I'm made the host on Ghosts all the time is further proof that NO it's not my connection. You're made host if your connection is the better of the lot in the lobby. It comes down to the lag comp. Adjust it or COD will die on the vine of negligence. Just my opinion. Chime in however you want. I'm only sharing my personal experience and views. Just because there are opposing views here, doesn't make my views or your views any less valid. Only the biggest egos insist you're wrong when you're just sharing what you're experiencing.

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                  Re: Xbox 360 vs PS4 online

                  I play on xone with way less people and i'd say 8/10 games are solid in terms of some lag.


                  "but when you have lag it leads to insta-deaths. Which is NEW in COD.


                  Ahhh, new?!?! Did you play MW3 and BO2?!?! If you did then you should realize how wrong your statement is. Have I been "one shotted" in Ghosts? Sure I have but it's not nearly as bad as the previous games.


                  And no, i'm not a "lap dog".

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