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    When to leave the match

      I am sure we all come to a point where we have no choice but to leave the match, due to some screwed up situations. so i decided to sum it all up.


      Situation 1: All eyes on us:

      This is when u have two pairs of split screeners within their first prestige. Yup, fresh from the garden. They will step on every ied, hug every camper, throw knives at choppers, and of course, most likely, double team to drop a crate stuck on a roof.

      they will die pretty much throughout all the match and feed ur enemies all the lokis they have ever dreamt about. in such a case... Run like Forrest Gump.


      Situation 2: Barnacles:

      When all ur team mates are helpless campers... hanging onto a wall, corner, @ss crack, anything where a human being can fit and just waiting to be killed like a sitting duck. aside from feeling like ur alone in the match against 6. a team of full campers that can't camp properly will be an instant loss.


      Situation 3: Where's Waldo

      When ur opponents are hiding, not camping, but hiding (To be more specific, like in the bathroom in the cabin in white out). u will kill them ofcourse, although... the whole period of time will pass and u would probably have like 10 kills in the end. 10 minutes 10 kills... u can stay for that or just look for a proper lobby.


      Situation 4: 300

      If ur up against a hacker with God mode on... well... let me put it this way. Leonadis and the 300 spartans held off the persians, and Leonadis proved that even a God could bleed... then he died. same will happen to u and ur match.


      Situation 5: Happy hour

      Some cheaters do this hack that gives max xp if u score anything on them. kill them, piss on them, throw a flip flop at them. u gain 99999 xp which then pushes u to level 60 of ur current prestige. for alot of random noobs, that is ok. For players who put effort into their gaming experience... then u should walk away on the spot. I honestly don't want to get banned by gaining hacked xp... i got too much achievements and golden weapons. i am sure the majority will agree to my opinion on this matter. (If they ever decided to take action on such hacks)


      Situation 6: Good Job match maker

      When u get dropped into a match that is about to end with ur team losing. If ur running a winning streak, then that is the match makers way of giving ur winning streak the F in ur @ss.


      So this r basically what pushes me out, I usually avoid all these situations by playing with a good cooperative team.


      These 6 situations make me pull back most of the times.

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          Re: When to leave the match

          only matches i ever leave are infected matches and only then when the first few people choosen to be infected have left because they dont like being the first infected and i end up being the infected

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            Re: When to leave the match

            The only time I'll leave a in the middle of a  match is when there is hacking...which is rare so far on the PS4. Otherwise, these are things you just have to deal with. Nothing wrong with leaving in between matches. But part of the reason people get dropped into games where the team you are on is getting destroyed is because someone else abandoned their team and you are now taking their spot. Someone pointed this out in another thread So the idea is, if people made it a point to stick it out, there wouldn't be as many situations like that.

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              Re: When to leave the match

              Also, if you abandon a match you just joined, doesn't that count as a loss anyway? I could be wrong, but I think it would still break your win streak. If that's the case, you might as well stick it out in those situations.

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                Re: When to leave the match

                If I get thrown into a match in progress, I press O and spectate. I see what the score is, then I spectate my teammates, if the score isnt a blown away score and the mates are actually playing objective I'll join in. If a new game, I'll grab home flag and rush for B, if people are joining me, I'll keep playing, if not and it goes on with like you guys stated above- all the try hards and campers- I'll back out and find a new lobby. I don't care about my w/l. I bought the game to have fun, and with no team help and campers , that makes for zero fun.

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