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    So it begins....


      The noob tubes and Danger close are starting to rear their ugly head in ever increasing numbers, great idea bringing back one of the biggest exploits, and worst problems from MW2...

      What the hell were you guys thinking??

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          LOL I thought i was the only one who used noob tubes and danger close!


          If you're on PS3 i'm probably the one who started the trend LOL


          I use them as a joke since its been so uncommon but it is also an easy way to go 30-8 if you use 4 tubes per death



          BTW noob tubes are always OP in IW games then we go to a treyarch game which barely has tubers come back to IW and are like...WTF IS THIS ****?

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            If you can't adapt to them then stop playing the game they are already too weak and limited to compete if you are having problems then start moving around. I have yet to be killed by a noob tube so if they are a problem to you stop being stationary or stop playing the game. Danger Close is already four points and you can't replenish the grenades and they aren't even capable of a one shot kill with out Danger Close unless you hit the target directly. Also Dead Silence is useless against Amplify and against head set users. While Incog is useless against the Thermal sight so I don't know where you are going with that sentence. Stop complaining I am so annoyed with people complaining about something they already know the counter to but they think that they shouldn't have to use them in order to be successful against whatever they are complaining about.

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              On a side note



              I have mixed feelings on if they should be nerfed


              Alot of the time they refuse to actually explode if they lower the damage they need to make sure they ALWAYS hit instead of having dud grenades lol

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                Also I apologize if I seem hostile I am just over the game changing in ways that makes the game one sided play style wise.

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                  Yes, yes... this is clearly an exploit...  ?

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                    I like the way grenade launchers work.  And I don't use Danger Close when using them.  I can't understand the benefits over the cost. 


                    My grenadier class only comes out if there is a sniper who knows to stand back away from windows thus making it hard to shoot him directly.  I'll grab the good, old indirect fire weapon and pump two rounds into the room.  This kills them the vast majority of the time.  The trick is to aim the first slightly to the left of the center of the window and the second slightly to the right of center.  That way you take advantage of the blast radius fully.  The same principle applies when you are trying to take someone out behind cover.


                    I can't imagine the grenade launcher would be very effective just firing them out into open ground.  I don't believe that is what they are designed for, even in real life.

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                        Very satisfying sniper kill I'm sure. In fairness though a good sniper would either get the kill (on you) or relocate after a couple of kills so they're not sitting there like a chump waiting for you to casually lollup in a grenade on them.  It's pretty poor tactical sniping play to have to be running with Blast Shield.

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                        Nothing like MW2;


                        1.) The explosive power is overall weaker from my experience, so Blast Shield is overall more effective outside of being quite close (45% increase to explosive power, 40% increase to explosive resistance).


                        2.) You're extremely limited to your number of explosives as there is no One Man Army nor does Scavenger refill Lethals except for the Throwing Knife. Not to mention that using the under-barrel grenade launcher automatically takes up your Lethal slot anyway, leaving you having to use one of the Launchers for a secondary for extra explosive power.

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                          They are not an exploit. They are a weapon choice. Excellent for clearing the objective in Domination for example. Quick scoping is an exploit not the GL.