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    Intuition Gaming Clan level 23 Recruiting Now

      Intuition Gaming is looking for highly active gamers willing to participate in our community daily both on the game and on our clan site. Like I said we are only looking for gamers who will participate daily, send other members friend request, follow are social networks and streams. Intuition Gaming (United Intuition under clans) is a clan level 23 with K/D of 1.32. we have 80 members as of right now but that number will be going down once we drop inactive members. We do participate in clan wars when  there is not cheating going on. We have all ready won 1 war. We also participate in Gamebattles, scrims, custom fun lobbies.


      We are Recruiting for:

      - Social networking administration

      - Website Administration

      - Clan wars

      - Public lobbies

      - Gamebattles ( must have experience with MLG site and an account)

      - Live Streamers- we supply our streamers with full custom overlays, graphic design for logo's, backgrounds, and banners.

      - We are also recruiting entire clans (contact me for details: difederico8@yahoo.com)



      1. Must be at least 17 years old

      2. Have a minimum K/D ratio (Kill/Death) of 1.00+

      3. You many not be in any other clans

      4. Play on Xbox 360 (we currently do not operate on any other systems)

      5. Be active (on XBL and the website)

      6. Be mature and respectful to your fellow UIG members

      7. Have a mic and be willing to communicate (use call outs, and coordinate in game with UIG youth members)

      8. NO modding, glitching, boosting or cheating in any way

      9. NO trash talking, excessive complaining or bad sportsmanship


      What are site offers http://www.intuitionGaming.enjin.com:

      - Forums

      - Members spotlight

      - Be featured on our live stream page

      - Downloads ( Movies, Music, Xbox Themes, Montage software)

      - Full BO2 and Ghost walkthroughs including Zombies and Extinction

      - Competitive team


      Come check us out if interested and fill out a recruitment form under the UIG tab. http://www.intuitiongaming.enjin.com