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    [xbox][us] Small 360 clan looking for adult players

      We're a small clan, active in clan wars, looking to add a few players.  We use a Facebook group page to mobilize, talk about targets, and figure out when we are able to collaborate online.  Most of us are married, some have kids, all working full-time - so we're looking for people that want to win clan wars, but we also recognize that other priorities will come in front of your video game time.  Looking for active contributors, not necessarily hardline, win-at-all-cost types.


      Our details:
      DANG clan

      Level 11 - so we've got the gold label

      We've won a bronze and a silver war - looking to advance to gold

      Most of our players are on the 360

      Half of our players are in the EST time zone, half are in the Central.



      .7-ish K/D at least - not too hung up on numbers, but you need to be able to actually help when we play together.

      Good attitude - we don't beat each other up for bad games or when life gets busy

      Age: 20s plus.  As mentioned, we are adults, mature players only

      Also, it'd be extremely helpful if use a mic when we play for call-outs, etc.


      Contact gamertag "El Commish" or apply through the app!