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    ENiGMA Clan [PS3] | Join Us!

      ENiGMA - PS3 Clan


      Looking for a Black Ops 2 clan? Join ENiGMA! Pros or Newbies, you are welcome. We will help you. We will make you a better player. In ENiGMA, it's all about team work, because we are all brothers in ENiGMA clan. Your K/D Ratio does not matter in ENiGMA. We are looking for people who are friendly, and know how to have fun in the game. We may not be serious when playing the game, but we will be serious when we try to make you a better player.



      Start considering! This is the clan for players who want to have fun, but at the same time, being a better Black Ops 2 player. Once you're in ENiGMA, your K/D Ratio will start to rise, and we will keep training you until you are satisfied. But still, we focus on having fun. Pros or Newbies, come join us, and dominate Black Ops 2!














      Maturity (7, 8, or 9 years old, doesn't matter for ENiGMA. Just don't scream and cry on the mic)

      Must be active unless you have something very important to do


      A new PSN with the ENiGMA tag (Eg. ENiGMA_WeRfs)








      PSN: ENiGMA_WeRfs

      Email: Werfsgaming@gmail.com