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    Why camping has actually benefited most CoD games.

      Its easy to say that camping is one of the biggest things debated in CoD whether you actively take part in the debate or not. It's something every CoD lover or hater will remember.


      Now personally I'm a fan of having the right to play how you want, when you want as long as you aren't cheating. After all you paid the money, you deserve the reward of playing how you want.


      Now think back to Black Ops 2 that game was so out of control because they tried to eliminate camping.


      • You basically had terrible spawns that were revenge focused.
      • You had small maps
      • A perk system that was designed for rushers
      • SMG dominance.
      • Even on large maps you had so much clutter that they played like small maps.


      Now in this game which does have camping you've got a much better game focused on gunplay. That offers the same opportunities for both campers and rushers and tactical players. I mean the UAV system has been balanced perfectly so the spam on UAVs is down. Noob Tubes aren't really a problem and to make them a problem you need to spend 4 points.


      The point I'm making is you do have quite a big balance in this game that doesn't really favour one side or another.


      I think in order to have a balance and avoid a cluster bomb game or a snail game you do have to have a balance and this balance is achieved for the most part in ghosts. Or well its achieved better than black ops 2.

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          Re: Why camping has actually benefited most CoD games.

          Even with Danger Close back, it's nowhere near as big and bad as it was in MW2 coupled with the fact that there's no One Man Army to refill Launcher ammo nor does Scavenger refill Lethals outside of the Throwing Knife, and the under barrel grenade launcher automatically takes up your Lethal slot, so you'll be forced to use a Launcher for a secondary if you want more explosive weaponry, so even if it were as strong as it was in MW2, your ammo would be extremely limited.

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            Re: Why camping has actually benefited most CoD games.

            In my opinion the largest benefit to having one 'camper' on your side is that by sitting it helps keep the spawns fairly stable and reduces the ampunt of times someone gets shot in the back . When playing with a full or near full party the group I play with usually has one or two guys that are immobile and the rest play hunter killer. We also have a fairly strict 2/3 board rule where we don't go all the way across map. Again this is to keep the spawns stable and the fight from getting behind us. obviusly much harder when you are set up with a bunch of randoms.

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                Re: Why camping has actually benefited most CoD games.

                Yeah, I I find myself usually choosing to be the one who stays behind in the spawn in order to prevent the spawns from constantly flipping by all the rushers (or at least try to make my way to the other spawn if it's better, then stay there). This largely came from how BO2 went, with how tiny the maps tended to be, thus making flipping extremely easy and frequent.

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