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    Xbox 1 will suddenly not play Ghosts

      Hey guys looking for a bit of help here.


      All of a sudden my xbox 1 will not play Call of Duty Ghosts.


      I load the disc and the opening screen showing the logo and the landscape destroyed by the space weapon in the single player campaign appears. Then the face of a soldier wearing a ghosts mask appears. Then nothing - it fades to black and nothing happens - ever.


      Initially I thought it might be just the disc - it had some fingerprints on it, but no obvious scratches or any other damage. I tried getting rid of the fingerprints but still the disc would go no further than the soldier in the ghosts mask.


      So I went out and bought another copy of the game and brand new out of the case [so no fingerprints / scratches or other damage] the exact same thing happened. The game starts loading but after the soldier in the ghosts mask it just stays black - no sound no nothing.


      And yet the xbox 1 will play every other game I have perfectly - Battlefield 4, Assassins Creed 4, Need for Speed, Ryse and Fifa - no problems at all !!!


      The problem seems to be confined to Ghosts.


      I had considered trying to delete whatever files I downloaded with the game on installation - but I don't whether I'm just being obtuse or Microsoft has hidden how to look at what's on the Xbox1's hard drive - I can't seem to find where to access the console's hard drive like I could with the Xbox360.


      Any suggestions guys?


      P.S. Advising me to buy a PS4 will not be considered a helpful answer!

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