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    pls help im new :D

      hey how do i know if im in a clan and anyone interested in taking me in? this account is a league play acc so bad kd. i use DARk_ShAd0wB3AST as my main ty. i just needa know how to see if im rejected or accepted.

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          Re: pls help im new :D

          When you enter Call of Duty Elite and click onto Clan HQ, if it still tells you to sign up for a clan then I'm afraid you are still waiting for the acceptance.


          There are a few clans recruiting atm and posting on these forums that you should have a look and see if you qualify.

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            Re: pls help im new :D

            like maxslick said,but if you want to join a clan,go to join a clan to see what clans are available and send them

            requests to join the clan and write why they should pick you.if you have a mic is good,if you have good scores,etc...

            and send many aplication so will someone pick you...

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