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    a few things id like to see in next-gen Zombies

      i LOVE zombies but being a fanatic has given me many ideas such as


      -when i ally bleeds out, isstead of them just unspawning, make then flop around like a ragdoll and then jump up as a zombie (regular health      but with the character appearence, but covered in blood and crap. but the dead player is still spectating)

      -grief was good, but make it better. bigger maps, different sized teams

      - make turned a game for 10-30 players, zombies run at normal speed

      -the gore of World at War, i  play custom zombies and i love seeing chunks of meat fly everywhere

      -more mele weapons, make some that you can only get from the mystery box but take up a weapon slot

      -i understand that the tranzit characters are dead, (richtofen buried easter egg) but i m not going to complain if you bring them back

      -what happened to our original 4 after moon? samantha in richtofen's body, dempsy, takeo, nicoli. i dont think they are dead, maxis hints says      that samantha is in agartha, maybe they're not, but i dont think their dead. What happened after moon?

      -the multi PAP needs improvement, its a good idea but each PAP after the first needs to double power and refill ammo. BUT the price      DOUBLES each time so 5000, 10000, 20000, 40000, 80000.....

      -if were using sliding instead of dolphin diving in the next game i want a PHD flopper 2.0 similar to double tap 2.0 idea. just for PHD make a      string of small explosions follow behind your slide

      -more zombies on the map at a time

      -more easy boss zombies, like the nova-6, and shangerla boss zombies ( but not exact copies) i just want more variation

      -bring back some Waw guns, after all the box gives weapons from different time eras

      -keep buildables!!!!!!!!!!!! just use the MOTD, and Origins building system

      -i enjoy the custom/ themed HUD in different maps

      -more lethals and tacticals. bouncing betties, shock charges, the infamous monkeys, claymores, cuncussions, willy petes ( could confuse the      zombies where to go if their in the smoke)

      -more guns!, in origins i would have loved to see the whole arsenal of BO2 in the box

      -take away double hitting, or just make health regen time faster

      -go back to when zombies came fro barricades and buildings rather than just popping out wherever they please

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          Re: a few things id like to see in next-gen Zombies

          I Like the 10-30 person zombie match idea. But I have a few more ideas about it. Have it be in a huge shopping mall, divided into sections, and 4 or 5 people in each section. And each section is connected by like a buyable door or something. And each section, or team, competes with other sections by seeing who has survived, or played the best at the end of a certain amount of time or rounds. Now, this is just a foundation of a cool idea for BO3 and lots of other awesome details would come in to play if 3arc does something like this.

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