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    accused of cheating and reported

      Over the years, I've been accused of, and reported for, cheating on various occasions.


      Once was an accusation that I used a modded controller because I could fire my five-seven too quickly. It was during my campaign to prestige using only a handgun and riot shield. I took it as a compliment and moved on.


      Another accusation was that I was boosting. The final 3 kills of a FFA match was me killing the same opponent. After I reviewed (back when we had theater) I realized my accuser was correct that I did get the final three kills of the same opponent. I killed the opponent with my gun, he spawned somewhere nearby and my claymore got him, then he spawned on the other side of the map being taken out by my sentry.


      Both of these scenarios could raise suspicion, I get that. Both also wastes the moderators time. Me, you, all of us could be the players who "cheat and never get banned."


      Finally, my favorite accusation of all time. It happened last week and I can't make heads or tails of it. Along with two randoms, I was placed against a clan of four players in team tactical. One of the clan members said," 3v4, how's this going to work?" I figured he was being sarcastic as they were planning on stomping us. In the end, the three of us beat them by a fair margin. Then promptly accused and reported of cheating. Their reason, team tactical is supposed to be 4v4, we only had 3 people so we must have been cheating. I talked to them about it for a minute and there was no convincing them otherwise.

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          Re: accused of cheating and reported

          I got accused of hacking because I had one of those backgrounds that you could get from a Monster energy drink promotion.  I tried to explain to them how I got it but apparently they didn't believe me.  So I guess, I too am one of those players who "cheat and never get banned."  No worries though.  I've got a feeling that we are in a rather large club.

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            Re: accused of cheating and reported

            I get it all the time. I have a habit of camper checking with my gun. In other words I like to fire a round at the wall opposite to popular camping spots and watch for a hit marker, needless to say this awards me quite a few through the wall kills, especially on maps like Warhawk, Freight and Stormfront. It is surprising how many times they go back to the same spot too. The rage in post lobby is awesome, but I think I get reported a lot.

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              Re: accused of cheating and reported

              I have been reported for defending the B flag in DOM

              I have been reported for being max prestige in BO1 and MW3 (even though I did not break any records getting there)

              I have been reported for being max prestige in BO2 (assumption of doing the prestige hack)

              I have been reported for collecting "too many tags" in KC

              I have been reported for camping (who hasn't?)

              I have been reported simply for winning a match


              And who knows for what else


              One thing though: It does not waste time, unless you get reported many times.  A report here and there does not raise concerns. You only get flagged once enough many (eact number... only they know) reports come in, and then they evaluate you - this is why someone might report someone who is 100% cheating, and nothing ever happens to them for months, if ever.


              OneofSwords put out a video explaining this

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                  Re: accused of cheating and reported

                  lmao brilliant on day 1 i was repped for using ODIN pmsl

                  "where he get that from"?! he must be a hacker!

                  i am lucky i can spell hack ffs! let alone perform it

                  the simple fact people cannot use the menu to change to support strike was enough to rep me

                  On a serious note

                  REPORT MESSAGE could be added to add idiot/toggle mute etc

                  2 lady gamers were subjected to some nasty messages in game 2 nites ago,both left a great lobby & they were a good laugh too,an easier rep system for the messages (albeit nothin 2 do with cod) may deter such behaviour.Banters banter but you don`t talk to ladies that way .....

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                  Re: accused of cheating and reported

                  Almost every lobby we go into we get called hackers due to us having a red clan tag and quite a few of the clan being prestige master, we have a very active clan with a lot of very good players, we have won all 5 platinum division clan wars we have had, we usually have to go through about 20 or so players before we can get 6 to stay to play us, solution could be removing the red tag but if you have worked so hard to get it then why should we just take it off.......

                  we did this during the most recent clan wars but 2 kept the tag on and played against a whole team, all 6 with the same yellow tag, wiped the floor with them and then they proceeded to call us cheaters and were reporting us, some people just can't handle getting beat, they think they're so good that it's not possible for anyone to beat them, either that or they are just so badly informed about the game that they don't even know what the red tag is for,

                  Point is, you get used to ragers calling you a hacker and reporting you, IW/Activision know you're not hacking when they check you out so forget about it.

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                    Re: accused of cheating and reported

                    As soon as I enter a lobby I'm normally called a hacker because I'm already Max Prestige…LOL!!! Then they look at my time played and realize that I've got over 18 days logged then they switch from calling me a hacker to calling me a no-life…I love how ignorant todays gamer is…Heaven forbid someone would rather stay inside where it's nice and warm in the winter and play online with buddies versus going outside in the cold…LOL!!! Then you try to explain to the poor drones, that it is indeed possible for people to go out and get an education, establish themselves in a good career field, raise a nice family, make a decent income, and still play video games when you want too. I just tell them to report me and then listen to them rage as they are beat by the no-life, hacker, living in my parents basement…LMAO!!!

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                      Re: accused of cheating and reported

                      Lol I've been reported/kicked from parties I join because I have a 5.8 k/d and 65 win/loss.


                      Seriously, how hard is it to win matches of TDM with 6 man parties?


                      Our party searches for matches and as soon as other people join the lobby they check the leaderboards, say we all hack, we're backing out, reported all of you.


                      This is the reason why moderators are having a tough time sorting through all the nonsense reports. And this is why there is so much crying in game and on the forum (me included). We all think we're better players than we really are, and anyone better must be cheating/hacking/lucky.

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