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    Call of Duty: Ghosts - 1000G/Federated Club

      So I just unlocked all 1000G for Ghosts on my Xbox 360!


      My final achievement was Throttled Escape and I unlocked it playing Solo with "Pistols Only" active. Not a single down out of the three allowed. Boy, those Rhinos weren't even half of the trouble I expected them to be. Gotta love that Death Machine.


      Has anyone else unlocked all 1000G on their 360 or XB1 or unlocked the Federated trophy on their PS3 or PS4? Tell everyone your story of how you achieved this milestone and what your final achievement or trophy (except Federated) was! I will archive you into your respective system club in the following manner: [forum username] - [respective system username]




      1000G Club:


      dayoldtamales - Day Old Tamales




      Federated Club: