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    xIDx clan recruiting active players that like to have FUN!!! (Xbox 360)

      We are a level 10 clan (more than 1/2 way leveled to get those gold tags!) and we are quite small right now. We are only a xbox 360 clan.We are 5 active players that have won (1) platinum division match so far and we are looking to grow and get that body count armor!


      We only have a few qualities we look for.

      -A k/d over 1 (the higher the better obviously )

      -Don't take the game insanely serious (Don't get me wrong we are competitive and active but we don't see the point in losing your mind over the game)

      -Be fairly active (Don't have to play everyday, but don't be a ghosts)

      -Have a sense of humor!


      We are really just looking for people that we can have fun with and win at the same time!


      If you are interested send me a message on my gamertag PaulyWalnuts200