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    Will there ever be a double xp?

      I know ghost has came out and stuff but alot of people are saying it's garbage and boring. ALOT are even coming back to black ops 2. but anyways.. yeah will they ever have a double xp weekend for bop2. 

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          I highly doubt it. All the DLC's are done being made and they are working on the next title. As for Ghosts, I really like it. It's not garbage or boring. People expect to much. If you get a chance to borrow it or rent I suggest you give it a try. You never know, you may like it better than the rest. Or you might just hate it. Lol.

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            Yeah I am sure they will.  They turned on 2XP with black ops and MW3 long after the black op 2 was released.  Ghost is OK but its definitely not as fun as Black Ops 2.  Ghost has bad spawns, time to kill is ridiculous, in game audio adjustment is the worst I have ever seen, maps are too large for the amount of players allowed per side,  and its boring: you can walk around for 2 minutes with out an fight or CAP A and C with out seeing anyone.

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              I would like double weapon XP, I am already Master Prestige and working on diamond camo and max presige for all weapons.


              I have Ghosts for PS4 and the single player and extinction modes are decent but I just don't like the multiplayer at all, I played for a month before I returned to Black OPS 2, I just have a laugh playing Black OPS 2 it's just a fun game to play.

              The other day there where 50,000 people playing Ghosts PS4 and 203,000 playing Black OPS 2 PS3.


              I hope we see treyarch make a Black OPS 3 for PS4 this year with similar loadout, prestige and map styles.

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                  Apparently Treyarch arent doing this years COD... Go check tmartins video on youtube,,,, Sledgehammer will being doing the next COD in all likelihood so no BLOPS3 yet..


                  I agree that BLOPS2 is more fun although I dont hate ghosts... near to my first prestige on it but all the points above are valid.. its much slower paced maps are too big and time to kill is sick... spawns can be pretty horrible as well.. I do think though once you make the adjustment to playing a slower pace and have learned the maps etc you can enjoy ghosts.. that being said BLOPS2 will come out again this weekend for some fast paced fun!

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                    Agree about Ghosts.


                    Did you add an extra zero by mistake for your Blops2 figure? I have not played MP for a while but that is still alot.

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                    like the above,Ghosts is a nice game but many cheaters,bad respawning and large maps with lots of campers.

                    i play bo2 and i would like weapon xp x2...

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                      Probably not, But how hold is Red Dead Redemption now? and towards then end of last year they had a triple xp week...Awesome

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                        please treyarch ! do a double xp weekend !

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                          The cod franchise SHOULD?  host double xp for every cod game, each and every time double xp is given gor the current game?