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    I was the commander of a clan and I was kicked out....again

      This is extremely frustrating. I was just sitting in the pre game lobby and all of a sudden my clan tag disappeared. This has happened once before. Last time I was still commander in the app but not in the game, so I just transferred him leadership and had him invite me back in the app, and then he just transferred me ownership again in the game.


      Now I do not show up as even having a clan in the app. I still show up to my friend as commander of the clan in the game (although my rank is level 1 of the prestige I am), so he can't invite me back into the clan. I don't want to lose the rewards of the clan we we just won and we were just waiting to get them.


      Please help this is extremely frustrating. I love the idea of clan wars, I hate the functionality of it all....no other game could get away with this....