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    Clan Wars... READ!!

      What the hell is going on with ghosts...

      Don't get me wrong i like most game modes (accept that there is no ground war and no ctf), and i also like clan wars. But it seems that nobody plays fair anymore, if there are no boosters or cheaters/hackers, you might as well go buy a lotery ticket, because your very very Lucky...


      And in Clan Wars it's even worse...

      Like the Rio clan wars, from the day it started, my clan is busting there asses to get capture points, we manage to get 75% of all the game modes, so we go play other game modes, and wait untill other clans capture our nodes. It takes untill sunday that the other clans capture something.

      By sundaynight we have 233 capture points, and the number two had 101 capture points.

      Mondaymorning, nothing has changed, then i check 3 hours later, and all of a sudden, a clan that had 0 points in the morning, was just below us with 212 points.

      So we trie with all of the clan, to keep our nodes, and with only 5 minutes left on the clock, we managed to keep everything, but one game mode.


      So 5 minutes before ending, the score is 233 for us, and 222 for that other clan.

      I check all game modes, and there is nothing that they can capture within 5 mins.

      Clan wars ends, we still first with the score above. I check 2 hours later, still nothing changed, so i asume that we won the clan war. I go check this morning on the clan app, to see what we unlocked, and i see that the other clan is 3 points above us all of a sudden.... How can they get those points after the war has ended???


      So now we ended second in a f-ed up way, from a clan with all members having current win streaks of at least 500+ matches, one even had 1083 by current win streak. So i can safely say that we got screwed by a clan of cheaters....


      PS: I saw some people with the patches from rio already, but with us nothing is unlocked???