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    3-time platinum winning clan lvl 22 and just scored over 1000cp in one clan war recruiting highly active members only (ps3-ps4)

      Clan: The Bright Side (TBS)

      Level : 23

      3-time platinum champs

      scored over 1000cp in just one war


      hello fellow call of duty mates I'm one of the commanders of bright side clan (psn:futureptbrandon) and we are currently recruiting very active cod gamers to join us we are mostly a international clan with commanders from euro Australia America Asia


      objective: our main objective is too play and win all clan wars nothing else we are very competitive and aim to be best clan on cod ghost 


      we know clans can be strict on age but we welcome some young ones to try to join if they think there active enough and k/d needs to be over a 1 unless u have over like 150 hours played I myself have 249 hours played and we expect people like that



      -during clan wars ghost is the only game to be bein played if any other game is played you will be kicked

      -during clan wars if modes are played  like infected free for all exctinition story mode is played u are being kicked

      -if you don't accept team mates invites during clan war as always play solo and never answer anyone you will be kicked

      -you must be able to download our line app chatroom for our big group chat as that is our headquarter for wars it's avaliable on phones iPods and computers

      -12 or more hours are a must for the 5 day clan wars ( we calculate hours after clan war to kick inactive )

      -if there is a reason why u can't be on tell us ahead of time so we know why ur missing time and we will understand

      -we expect 3 or more hours played a day during clan wars we organize attacks in clan wars so people can take breaks here and there

      -when clan wars isn't on then u can play any game u like and don't have to be on ghost


      iif you guys are ok with these rules and plan too play many hours for clan wars only then message me


      email: brandonpacheco.21@gmail.com

      psn: futureptbrandon

      Line: BrandonPachec

      kik: futureptbrandon


      thank you for reading hope you get back to me and we also have a website being made and a new system where a person can become a commander after clan wars