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    Official Hardcore Search and Destroy Thread.

      I know there are a lot of other threads for HC SnD, and that'a exactly it. There are multiple threads, and we just need one BIG thread. So if you're with me and you love playing HC SnD and want to see it return just sign your name in a comment to this thread.


      This is how the other gamemodes got brought back. If you don't want it brought back don't bother commenting at all.


      Thank you.


      Signed iMurdered Yew

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          Re: Official Hardcore Search and Destroy Thread.

          I would love, nope, I NEED hardcore search and destroy. This has been my favorite game type since COD 4: MW. I do not understand why the would remove the only game-type that does not have a re-spawn from the game, and then only put it back in Core. Completely unfair. I know for a fact that I will not be buying anymore Infinity Ward COD games if they do not have hardcore Search and destroy. Great job treyarch for being smart, and at that, being simply smart to keep it original.

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            Re: Official Hardcore Search and Destroy Thread.

            I would love HC S&D if, and only if, something was done about the C4/Danger Close/Riot Shield exploit. With C4/Danger Close, a player has the ability to kill unchallenged, even by those with Blast Shield equipped. That would make HC S&D an impossibly annoying game mode. Now, if they made Blast Shield stronger or made it so that Danger Close/C4 doesn't kill those wearing Blast Shield, I'm all for it!

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