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    Commander kicked from his own clan.

      so im the commander the clan FO$B and I was kicked, on my ps3 system I have the option to create a new clan, On my clan members ps3 systems it says im still the clan commander, on the cod app it  says im not in the clan but the that the clan still has 6 members but without me there are only 5 members, I cannot join back to my clan because it says " I have recently withdrew from this clan " but I did not. Of course this happened 5 hours befor the end of the Rio clan war when my clan finished in first place platinum division holding 5 nodes....on my ps3 system when I look at my player it still shows the FO$B clan tag in brackets [FTFO] but in game the tag is not in brackets........Has anyone had this problem and is this an error that activision support will be able to fix for me.....during the clan war I put in like 27 hours of gameplay capturing nodes now all that work was for nothing

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