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    New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

      New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:


      Hello everyone, just wanted to, for discussion's sake, mention a couple of ideas I thought would be interesting to see in upcoming call of duty titles. As always, these aren't serious suggestions, and I only want to contribute to some interesting thoughts everyone else might be having. Without further ado, here are my suggestions:


      Comanche Recon Helicopter: 7 (Support Streak)


      Looking at some more unusually styled and arguably futuristic looking vehicles, I'd like to draw attention to this helicopter. Asides from it's actual purpose, I thought it would be interesting for it to feed the team information that typically take people by surprise. It occasionally could warn players when enemies have pending kill streaks. "Enemy soldier pending for I.M.S". And give other more vocal information. Like saying where players are on the map with verbal descriptions rather than showing it on the radar, like soldiers now do in CoD Ghosts.




      C-130 Supply Drop: 13 (Support Streak)


      As simple as it seems, after calling in this streak, It drops a 4-6 care packages on the move, scattering them in the general area you threw the smoke signal. Whereas providing you and your team with a lot of extra ordinance, also leaves them more accessible to enemies.



      Stealth Attack Chopper: 12 (Assault Streak)

      No picture here, but this streak deploys an attack helicopter with a distinctive B2 style. It is resistant to radars and so is difficult to sight using the minimap. You are also not able to lock on with special equipment like launchers and typical player guided killstreaks and so can prove as a fair challenge to take down.


      Interceptor Strike: 9 (Support)


      Call in the interceptor surface to air intelligent missile system. Upon calling in, will destroy up to 2 areal killstreaks (Including Player controlled missiles if timed well) and deploying 3 flash projectiles into the map, temporarily stunning or blinding enemies.



      Communications Relay Jammer: 6 (Support)


      Deploy a CRJ to temporarily prevent enemies from calling in killstreaks or using satcoms/UAVs. This is a ground placed entity.


      Grasshopper: 4 (Support)


      A small Unmanned vehicles that stealthily manoeuvres the map tagging enemies by itself.



      Titan Missile: 14 (Assault)


      A huge surface to surface missile impacts the outskirts of the map, altering the terrain and features in a way similar to an KEM strike. Kills enemy players near the impact point.



      So there you have it. I may add some more, and if someone adds some really cool suggestions I will add them to the post (:


      I know this isn't relevant, but I also thought it would be cool to see another piece of military hardware in the game, it exists, and is a small rubber sphere. You can throw is anywhere, down a flight of stairs, round corners, across large areas. It folds out into a small drone with a camera inside. This could be a tactical grenade used along with motion sensors and flash bangs. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks everyone.

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          Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

          Better get rid of the support Class.

          Or make fair like  the assault strike: You Die Good luck Next Time"

          Instead of  "You Die Dont Worry, you will get your streak"

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              Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

              Support streaks don't necessarily overpower the player. They give an advantage but not a huge one like assault streaks do, That is probably why when you die you don't lose your streak.

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                Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                No way. Support strike packages are a gift to Call of Duty. It's unfair for the starting and new players to not have the chance to get a good boost online. It's very unfair to give the best players even more of a boost. The support strike package is very, very helpful and they should definitly keep it, in my opinion.


                I would however like to see more strike packages.

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                Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                No extra rewards should be less

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                  Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                  the only streak id like to see in the game and im suprised it never made into ghosts is the guardian from bop2

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                    Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                    some nice ideas, shame you couldn't have worked for IW or treyarch who's current run of streaks are embarrassing repeats or naff and boring


                    they do need to sack and replace the design team with some excited and interesting people as these streaks in ghosts suck.


                    surely streaks are the easiest and most fun thing to design!!!

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                        Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                        Thanks a bunch (: That means a lot. I only fired out these in about 40 mins. Was sort of rushing because I was tired and wanted to get some sleep :L lol. Cheers though. I have the desire to do into games dev as a career. Currently doing a college course on it. I could do a better job of these streaks. But thanks for the feedback.

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                        Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                        no streaks are better than the ones in ghost. The streaks are what make the game fun that is why ghost is a fail

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                          Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                          Go back to 3, 5, 7 killstreaks. Simple yet effective. They were balanced as well. Streaks are supposed to aid a player, not dominate the battlefield.

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                              Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                              I agree. That is why I never favoured the KEM strike / Nuke basis. The AC130 and any gunship for that matter is far too powerful. I like the idea that kill streaks are customisable, the 3 5 7 method, I at least, found quite boring. But I still agree they should be more team support based instead of just dominator that make a winning team win more.

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                              Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                              It was a nice idea the support strikes but, they are OP

                              for example:

                              I work so hard to get a Loki 15 kill in a row to use and win the game, but some one who have died many times got and  uses a ground jammer to "destroy" mi loki.

                              Well thats "unfair" in therms of how the assault is almost useless to run.

                              From my point of View this support streaks are the most OP

                              -Ballistic Vest.

                              -Night Owl.

                              -Support SquadMate.

                              -Ground jammer.


                              In the other hand the "OP" assault are


                              -Helo Pilot.


                              and these ones are easy to Destroy

                              Guard dog= Put your ballistic vest and defeat the dog

                              Ims= Ground jammer

                              Trinity Rocket= Night Owl or the trophy system

                              Battle Hind= MAAWS or just see how the battle hind does nothing, Slow missiles. Doesnt kill anybody so is useless

                              Sentry Gun=Ground jammer; bullets or 3 knifes

                              Vulture=Ground jammer

                              Gryphon= Ground jammer, Night Owl or Trophy system

                              Juggernaut = Bullets, MAAWS, Support squadmate.

                              So in conclusion is the support streaks are so OP that is have to gone and make em like the scorestreaks, a balance between assault and support.   

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                                  Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                                  I'm pretty sure the ground jammer doesn't affect air streaks. Especially considerings as the description of the streaks says it only disables ground streaks. I find that assault streaks are far more effective than support ones. But I guess support ones are easier to obtain. Overall, If you are a good player, assault is way better.

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                                  Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                                  I think the most OP killstreak in this game is the one called "Ghosts".. when activated it's puts everyone to sleep!


                                  No seriously some good ideas.. game definitely needs something

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                                    Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                                    There's is one killstreak i want  to come back

                                    the Game ending "nuke" Obtainable only by 30 gunkill.

                                    You call a Massive Ordinance Air Blast or Kinetic Energy Missile and it doenst feel like a Nuke, sure it kill the enemy players support, assault, carepackage and has an emp plus the Double XP.

                                    But the game Not only Ghosts, need a game ending nuke  something that would make me say:"****, I'm about to die." 

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                                        Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                                        I really hated the nuke. There is no reason why a game should be prematurely ended by someone who plays the game too much. I don't like the K.E.M strike much either. I think streaks should assist players and not just overthrow the whole game.

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                                            Re: New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

                                            Every one has the same chance to call a Nuke/M.O.A.B/K.E.M to assist not only the player buth your whole team


                                            Gives you and your team double xp, also make's the enemy team vulnerable of not calling any assault/support for one minute


                                            Ends the game but if your team is losing and you call a nuke  your team win, in other words you assisted your team by give them the victory in a lost match.

                                            Obviously thats why they are hard to get. also is like a challange calling one of this in public matches.

                                            Also how many K.E.M strikes (aside from the one in strikezone) have you seen to not help your or the enemy team. Its supposed to be a war and you have to win or lose in the try.  

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