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    New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:

      New Kill Streaks For Call of Duty:


      Hello everyone, just wanted to, for discussion's sake, mention a couple of ideas I thought would be interesting to see in upcoming call of duty titles. As always, these aren't serious suggestions, and I only want to contribute to some interesting thoughts everyone else might be having. Without further ado, here are my suggestions:


      Comanche Recon Helicopter: 7 (Support Streak)


      Looking at some more unusually styled and arguably futuristic looking vehicles, I'd like to draw attention to this helicopter. Asides from it's actual purpose, I thought it would be interesting for it to feed the team information that typically take people by surprise. It occasionally could warn players when enemies have pending kill streaks. "Enemy soldier pending for I.M.S". And give other more vocal information. Like saying where players are on the map with verbal descriptions rather than showing it on the radar, like soldiers now do in CoD Ghosts.




      C-130 Supply Drop: 13 (Support Streak)


      As simple as it seems, after calling in this streak, It drops a 4-6 care packages on the move, scattering them in the general area you threw the smoke signal. Whereas providing you and your team with a lot of extra ordinance, also leaves them more accessible to enemies.



      Stealth Attack Chopper: 12 (Assault Streak)

      No picture here, but this streak deploys an attack helicopter with a distinctive B2 style. It is resistant to radars and so is difficult to sight using the minimap. You are also not able to lock on with special equipment like launchers and typical player guided killstreaks and so can prove as a fair challenge to take down.


      Interceptor Strike: 9 (Support)


      Call in the interceptor surface to air intelligent missile system. Upon calling in, will destroy up to 2 areal killstreaks (Including Player controlled missiles if timed well) and deploying 3 flash projectiles into the map, temporarily stunning or blinding enemies.



      Communications Relay Jammer: 6 (Support)


      Deploy a CRJ to temporarily prevent enemies from calling in killstreaks or using satcoms/UAVs. This is a ground placed entity.


      Grasshopper: 4 (Support)


      A small Unmanned vehicles that stealthily manoeuvres the map tagging enemies by itself.



      Titan Missile: 14 (Assault)


      A huge surface to surface missile impacts the outskirts of the map, altering the terrain and features in a way similar to an KEM strike. Kills enemy players near the impact point.



      So there you have it. I may add some more, and if someone adds some really cool suggestions I will add them to the post (:


      I know this isn't relevant, but I also thought it would be cool to see another piece of military hardware in the game, it exists, and is a small rubber sphere. You can throw is anywhere, down a flight of stairs, round corners, across large areas. It folds out into a small drone with a camera inside. This could be a tactical grenade used along with motion sensors and flash bangs. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks everyone.