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    shot guns need a immediate nerf


      im sick and tired of being sprayed with the bulldog


      Fix 1 Put a fire rate lock on the bulldog


      fix 2 lower the bull dogs damage

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          Its a shotgun, it's supposed to deal more damage!


          However,  I agree that it shouldn't fire as fast AND shouldn't be so accurate. Honestly, if you're shooting during kickback you shouldn't hit the target. If your guy had that much strength to fire that steady, no other guns should have recoil!

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            Really? You hate it because people are spraying it? Something tells me you have never dealt with a MW3 Striker before. The Bulldog is not overpowered I can care less if people spray it because it has a very short range. If you think it's overpowered then clearly you are just mad cause someone out gunned your assault rifle.