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    Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

      I'm sorta tired of hearing forum members and youtube people complaining about quickscoping.


      I myself is tired of seeing developers get yelled at and have hate towards them and death treats


      I have never sent anybody from any studio these kind of stuff


      I have sent them stuff I want change, but always  did it and a respectable way


      So lets, the cod community end war forever in cod


      Lets talk in the community hq to find a compromise


      My idea: bring back jugg and mw2 style sniping : if you got sniped you can survive and still have time to survive and shoot back


      return to black ops 1 sniping, I heard tons of people say this was the best so lets please the majority


      make it like heavy duty sniping, but when you put on something like chrome barrel, you have worse hip fire, no aim assist and the attachment takes up to attachment slots


      Sniper rifles have increased damage at ar's longshot range, but is a 2 shot kill if it is closer than that (unless head to upper chest shot)


      Please leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas  so we can end this stupid argument

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          1. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

          Haven't there been enough Sniper threads?


          You are never going to get 100% agreement.


          The best thing to do is adjust to sniping as it is in the game and leave the balancing up to the Devs, who have numbers and metrics far greater than our individual perceptions. You will never make everyone happy.

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            2. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

            In no scenario should you survive getting shot by a sniper. Even if it's too the extremity you'll most likely die, lose a limb, or go into shock. The fact that you can take a .50 caliber round to the chest and run away like a prancing school girl gets the blood boiling. Especially with the CB attachment.


            The solution to QSing is simple. Leave it to a certain gamemode, Squads, and Private Matches. QSing is not hard, nor is it fair. Anyone who takes the time to practice keeping the center of the screen to where you want to shoot. It takes only a little bit of time to get down.


            Recently I've been solely using the L115 trying to get my Ghillie Suit (or as I like to call it; the-make-you-invisible-wherever-you-go suit) and because of this I'm finding myself in a QS or die scenario more times that I would like. I've made numerous posts about having a severe hit detection problem and my accuracy suffering from it. Before this past weekend my accuracy with my L115 had dropped to around 48% and after last night I had brought it up to about 52%. This proves that QSing isn't something that takes skill but rather adjustment.


            Even at long ranges you can do what I like to call reflexive sniping. Some people call it drag scoping or whatever, but I find it be more about reflexes than anything. I line my screen up to wherever I see movement. Scope in and while I'm zooming in I make adjustments. The reason this can be done is because you see where your crosshairs are before you're fully zoomed in. This allows you to make quick and accurate adjustments on the fly and by the time you're fully zoomed in you're on target.


            The traditional methods for sniping are nearly obsolete. Players who spend even a little bit of time sniping can adapt to faster ways of aiming a weapon with a high OHK potential. Is this fair? It seems they're taking the skill out of something that once use to be a highly skilled weapon. It's only equalizer is the fact that the R8 and weapons of the like are basically OHK weapons with the burst attachment (which makes the MSBS nerf all the more hilarious). Throw burst fire on the R8 and it's a 3 hit kill are nearly all ranges. Add the Muzzle Break to it and it is a single burst kill at all ranges. Get two well aimed shots to the chest and you'll drop your target. The RoF of an AR will beat any SR that doesn't OHK.


            This being said I think we're in a catch-22. Snipers are losing their effectiveness with each passing game. QSing is what's keeping them relevant in my opinion. If they were highly skilled weapons (like I personally feel they should be) then few would use them and even those who were good with them would find little incentive to use them.

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              3. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

              nice answer

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                4. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                I LOVE how everyone thinks quickscoping is really really easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. But the fact is very few even bother now. Using the sniper in close range, whether quickscoping or not, is not easy period. It is not easy compared to ANY OTHER GUN when you're in close range combat. Can people do it? Of course, but stop acting like it's something everyone is doing.


                Shotguns with ridiculous range for OHK is way more annoying if you want to talk about shitty close range experiences.

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                  5. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                  I don't think it is annoying....anymore, but I'm tired of people blaming quickscoping, when they know you die in 1millisecond in ghosts, and they only get one shot on the sniper because there aim is all over the place , and they blame quickscoping , I want to put an end to MOST of the complaints, like nic said you'll never make everybody happy

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                    6. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                    Well here's the thing shotguns never had insane OHK range (Other than the models in MW2, but they were nerfed.)


                    And yes it is extremely easy, there is no skill required to quickscope, just because not everyone is doing it doesn't make it hard to do, it just means people have different preferences and play-styles that they are comfortable with.

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                      7. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                      I have said this in a few other threads the last few days and I will reiterate it here.  I spent three days last week doing the chrome barrel challenge to unlock the Ghillie Suit.  I won some and I lost some, had games where I was my normal 2.0 KDR and had games where I was less than 1.0 KDR.  I didn't see any cases where it was outrageously overpowered.  Sniping is fine as is imo.  Devs removed the crosshairs when hip firing and removed aim assist until you are fully scoped.  This has solved a majority of problems.  How many killcams do you see where players are running around and hip firing before the gun is fully scoped?


                      Plus, if QS'ing is such an epidemic as soooooooooooooooo many other people are claiming on the forums, why do I not run into it on Strikezone or Tremor, which are arguably the best CQC maps?  If it was so easy and popular, there would a plethora of people using this setup on all maps and game types.  Hell, I played a total of around eight hours yesterday- TDM, KC, DOM, S&R, and I probably got shot with a sniper rifle less than 10 times total.   Sniping actually has a place in this game and is much more true to its core than the previous titles.  A sniper can take a vantage point on a map and control the other team's movement as it should be.

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                        8. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                        I Typically don't use them, but the chrome barrel challenge showed up clan wars is over so I'm now working on it. As I'm adjusting my play style to use it on maps that I normally wouldn't i am finding no great advantage or disadvantage using it. Picking a good line for those that run the same pattern works to a degree. Doing that against players that know how to counter snipers and are effective at it can give you less thAn a stellar game. But that is like all play styles there is a counter to it. Since I play mostly hc qs isn't really an issue at all there.

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                          9. Re: Lets join together to come up with a compromise for sniping

                          Again the answer is quite simple

                          private lobbies with no snipes

                          or a game menu with snipes removed

                          think they are there cos they are an effective WEAPON OF WAR!

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