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    How do you feel about the story and where it went...


      What's up fellow Zombie slayers?


      So, until Origins came out I was a regular on here and CODZ forum. I LOVED to theorize about where the story was going to end up, where is was going, what every little detail of every map could have meant, and was (still am) an avid EE hunter because the storyline that Treyarch had created from Shi No Numa to Moon was, in my opinion, a great story to go along with a fantastic game mode. The story that went along with the game play was so much fun to piece together (or try to) and I enjoyed how the info was given to us. (Via EEs, radios, character quotes, and by taking in all the map had to offer.) BO2 came along after the peak of the story (the events of Moon) and every player I knew that had a passion for the story and myself could not wait to see where we were going next. Obviously we were given the N4 on Tranzit and left to wonder what happened to our O4 characters. IMO it ruined any chance of giving the N4 story a decent chance with the crowd that had been so entrenched in the O4 story, We wanted closure, atleast I did. Then Die Rise comes along and we begin to dig a bit deeper into the N4 and their relationships with eachother and backgrounds, which could have been a GREAT story also IMO. BUT the crowd who had helped bring zombies mode to the point it had reached felt slighted because we never had any closure to what had happened to our O4 after the events of Moon. MOTD comes along, another COMPLETELY different story. teased by the fact that there are small references to our stories, both the O4 (Weasel stating he hears the name Nikolai, the EE where if you don't move it plays samanthas song and camera bring you to the moon) and the N4 (afterlife VERY CLOSELY resembling the avagrado) Great map but again, the longtimers felt cheated storywise and the map did not further either the original story nor the N4 story which we had been force fed. Buried comes along, we learn more in that one map about the N4 then ALL of the other maps combined. Again, now that I have been able to take a step back and try to appreciate it more, the storyline of the N4 could have been AMAZING. The flesh, the split in the group, Samuel hearing Richtofen, turning into a zombie, eating zombie flesh, the conspiracies. Marlton with his obvious knowledge of some things going on, his appearance in Nuketown. All could have added up to be a tremendous story. YET in buried they just kill the N4 off and abruptly end the original story with either Maxis kill every human and going to agartha with Samantha, or Richtofen taking full control, Fair enough, if that's how the wanted to end it, its their story. It KILLED any chance of furthering the N4 story, and IMO without giving us players a fair chance to appreciate the N4 story. If that end game had played out in Tranzit and we were left with the N4 I would have no complaint. (Until origins) And I think a lot of the old school players would have appreciated and got into the N4 story a bit more. ATLEAST without always having the O4 in the back of our heads, because we would have had closure. Now Origins was such a disgrace and kick to the nuts of all of us long timers IMO. Everything we had learned, spent time theorizing and appreciated was not only negated by the ending, (which wouldn't have been so bad had origins ACTUALLY been the beginning of the story we had came to love.) but also showed that the story never really had meant much to the developers. People say "oh well what if the story really happened after Samantha says her dad had a plan" The original story is null and void, it cannot happen as told. For 1, Our heroes are toys, figurines, its clear as day. 2. Richtofen is a small child. Obviously Maxis is Samanthas father and Richtofen is near her age in that end scene. THAT MEANS he could not have ever been partners with Maxis when Samantha was a small child as the radios in w@w and Bo indicate. He could not have developed the perk machines as we have learned amongst other things. The story is impossible to be as we knew it and that sucks. No time loop, no alternate reality BS, the story ceases to exist as it was. Now there is a small chance of something positive coming from this and my friend Jami San is the one who brought it to my attention. The story that we all grew to love was fake, no question, BUT the end of the end scene when Samantha says "my dad has a plan" could be the start of a new story, a real life story, of how things unfolded. Obviously we will be minus Richtofen (again sucks) and Samantha controlling the zombies but Maxis and group 935 COULD exist and the next chapter could begin with the zombie virus spreading from them and the new story could have a somewhat familiar feel with a more real life approach. That's all I got.

      in short, I cant believe they destroyed such an interesting storyline by really, bad timing, and eventually a lack of caring about what was already told and ending it with it all being a kids game. Im not sure how the next installment of zombies storyline will go but I will tell you this. Now that we know they are willing to change everything we know in an instant, for any reason, a lot of people will not be putting as much effort into the storyline. How that equates to people enjoying the game, I don't know. I just know I and many other players I play with feel Bo2 was a slap in the face to us long timers and actually a disgrace as far as storyline goes.

      Oh ya, and Tranzit and the apparent "unfinished EE" sucks too. II completely agree with DBZ and all other who say more was planned but got scrapped and we are stuck with an unfinished product staring at beams and orbs that mean nothing. Yet are told everything is there for a reason.


      Rant over.

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          Very good ideas in there, but the plot was ruined with time travel. Time travel just instates paradoxes, and then it's all just a big mashup of "what the hell is going on." e.g. Origins, Call of the Dead, Shangri-la, and Mob of the Dead.

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            Sorry mate, just deleted my own post as it made no sense. Watching the cutscene i missed a major word which dismissed my theory.   YOUR dad. Suggests i was dribbling **** regarding Eddy being Samanthas brother
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              I'm still hanging on to the hope that the Origins map and cutscene will somehow just be explained away. Like this is how Maxis lives his life when he enters Agartha. He has his daughter Sam and son he never had, Eddie, who he was a mentor to in life or something cheesy like that. Something that negates every thing about it and allows the other story to continue. Like the first map of the next game could start off with that cutscene, then an earthquake occurs and Maxis wakes hope being kicked out of Argatha before he could do any damage because the O4 or a new group shut down one of the towers. And then we continue from there fixing the damage thats been done.


              The way they tried to go in a new direction with BO2 story wise, I can't see them creating all the new things they did like The Flesh, Broken Arrow, and all the odd loading screens, cutscenes and other story mysteries of the game, and then planned on making all that new stuff and old stuff all fake, just to start fresh next game. Why waste all the effort of writing and introducing all these new things if they were meant to go no where. Maybe its wishful thinking, but still hope we can just continue the story we all enjoyed from the previous games.

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                I 10000% agree that time travel made it possible for Treyarch to do anything they want. BUT what I would like to say, as a massive follower of the story and theorist ever since Veruukt, we should all keep faith in Treyarch. Because at the end of the day they have made us all hooked so much to the storyline and they've done so well, we should give them credit. Also, since they have given us so many shocks, twists and turns, we should believe they have still some more up there sleeve.

                for all we know, that cutscenes at the end of Origins is just an imagination or dream from one of the characters and in the first map of the new game the camera pans out and it's the old characters on moon. VERY VERY unlikely but they cutscene from Origins is only bad until we see what Treyarch are doing next. Until then I would like to believe that there is still a continuation.

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                  I am sure if you dissect it enough, you will find some kind of storyline in BO2 Zombies, but it was linear at best, and has a lot of nonsensical moments.


                  The N4 started off promising in my opinion. There was an instant notice of a deep routed split in the camp that was so evident because of the comments they made about each other. That led me to believe they had been together long enough to resent each other, and they also seemed to know specific things about each other that led me to believe that something sinister was going on. Russman seemed to think Marlton was involved in something related to the outbreak, and Nuketown seemed to confirm this for us. Marlton also seemed to know a bit on Russmans background. Possibly this 'Broken Arrow' we heard about a few times? Stulinger also seemed to be hiding something, and also was the only one to hear Richtofen.


                  There was definitely something interesting about the group to start with, unfortunately as the maps went on, we got to see them twice more, and all they did was continue to talk the same sh*t as we went along on the journey. No revealing on what Broken Arrow was, no answers as to why Marlton was in the bunker in Nuketown!? Did Samuel actually eat the flesh then, and what of 'The Flesh'? Who were they?


                  I think there was a storyline there, but they did not execute it well at all. There seemed to be little thought behind most of it. Why in Die Rise, when listening to the messages through the TV was every message from each person an American? They were in China! Why did they rinse and repeat the same messages that we heard in Tranzit? We already knew that the voices were abandoning people after the finished their towers. We already knew that people went coco-loco after eating the flesh? Don't get me started on the terrible end-game messages from Maxis, and the 'Moon Remake' from Richtofen.


                  MotD and Origins are great maps, and MotD in particular had a decent storyline to it if you take it as completely non canon. If you try to add it into the current storyline, then it becomes a bad storyline as we then have to add purgatory, hell (as well as heaven), afterlife, the mictlantecuhtli and more into the already heavily laden storyline that has zombies, aliens, and time travel thrown in. We also have to then assume the mobsters, or weasel at least is a major part of the storyline too. All very confusing, and with that we have Origins... the map to end all maps... literally.


                  Story made no real sense whatsoever. Sure, we could use the time bubble scenario, or alternative timelines etc, but if we go down that road, it opens the game up to doing anything and everything without question, and when that happens, the storyline goes out the window as it becomes a complete mess. Like how people said if Moon is set in the 60's, then technically it could not happen as it would create a paradox because technically CotD and Shangri-La could not take place.


                  Saying it spews of into a new time-line is lazy and cheap. Sure it is a plausible theory, but when you start doing things like that, people start picking out the flaws in it all and that is when the story needs to be disolved and a new one comes in and sorts it's sh*t out straight from the off.


                  That is where the next game comes in...


                  (BO2 Storyline = 4/10 - Must do better!)

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                    If you take broken arrow from its military term it refers to a lost nuke from a stealth bomber. that could explain nuketown and the apparent memory loss from russman. that could also be why marlton was at nuketown and knew about russmans broken arrow. thoughts?

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                      PREACH !! Brotha PREACH !! I agree with you 1,000 %. However, only the love I have for the original storyline is what fuels this for me. I can't even begin to imagine how 3arch is going to redeem themselves, for the kick in the cornflakes they gave us on Origins. All bullsh!t aside, the NEW Story does have some potential to be a very awesome story. Its no secret that this forum is filled with alot of very good theroies and ideas as to what we want and expect from the new story. So I'm hoping that IF 3arch decides to NOT to give us a new game in 2014, and uses that time to come up with an even better storyline. Then I'm all for it. ASSUMING they do..we all know what happens when you assume. Seriously, lets not let that ruin what we have created here on this forum. I love to hear others ideas as to what could make this game better. I believe that Origins is setting us up for an ever bigger and better Zombie game. The original story not only has the potential to make an awesome campaign mode, but also a dynamite movie. Lots of people think that a Zombies only release would ruin it . Which I myself am not doubting. A buddy and I were talking about this just yesterday. He thinks a Campaign would be too Resident Evil for Zombies. Not really.. I mean R.Evil was not based on Zombies. It was based on biochemical weaponry that spun out of control. Zombies are just a result of what happens when the T-virus infected humans. Once injected, it cuased a much greater effect, (hence) Nemisis. So it would'nt be fair to even compare the two. the story took a hard right turn for me.. I mean once Zombies were riding on motorcycles.. I said, you know what? I've had enough. Now Treyarch's Nazi zombies, was only meant to be a bonus game mode. Survival. Now that they added the storyline on Der Riese, it took Nazi Zombies to a whole other level. Lets keep in mind that Zombies wasn't really even a game mode untill Black Ops 1. So I think 3arch is pretty much making it up as they go. So to be fair, lets not  send them up the river just yet. we hear soo much Crap about Sledgehammer taking over and Activision killing Z's. Which to me is a matter of opinion of a few. I say, lets just let them work. If Black ops 1 was a rushed idea.. look at the sh!t that they came up with. I myself don't really like the way they chose to end this storyline, but I wont hang them out to dry just yet. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion I know.. and so am I. My opinion is simple, who ever is Bad mouthing 3arch after Origins is a person who will never be happy. I say lets see what happens. Its just a game homies.. I was playing games when I found out about this one and I'll be playing games when this one is really gone. No Skin off my teeth. Now about the unfinished Egg on Tranzit. I have been saying this for the longest, and no one wants to listen. So I will have to do this myself. I know X-boxers cant becuase they have to pay for another acct. But fellow PS3er out there, why not try my theroy. The Devs put out a tweet that clearly says. Wait the appropriate amount of time and continue to work. I strongly believe that all Eggs must be done after all the nav cards are put in their nav card table. We are dealing with electricity here people. All wires must be connected in order to make your light bulb turn on. The only way at this point to connect all the maps together is the Nav card table.. anyone want to help me try this theroy.. hit me up. keep in mind you have to have NOT done any easter egg on BO2 yet. collect all the nav cards.. Tranit-Die Rise, Die Rise-Buried, Buried - Tranzit..then go on to do the Tower of Babble either side. Then high Maintence either side.. then the end game depending on what side you chose. i know no one has attempted this theory yet.. everyone just wanted to do the eggs. so really there is NO WAY to debunk my theory..unless you've Really tried it. Also.. try it with the exact same players everytime.. " help me and I'll help you. ' and stay close to ME !! " thats what that could mean..

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                        I was very disappointed with the story line, I just started playing again - I stopped when I the EE was released.

                        Is this really the end? I want them to say it, I don't want to imagine it - I want to see it and hear their quotes.