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      OK, lets all stop CRYING about campers, start learning how to adapt different styles to different maps and different methods, I have my sniping maps, and on these maps i have my hides, when I have a Friend as spotter my hides increase, and yep I camp, general experience a good gamer, I have to go for chest shot kill, they are quick, if you get a head shot, you are not as good as you think you are, so chest shot is a compliment, headshot you need practice! I have my rush/run maps, but I dont run blind I check my corners and other camper hides where i have been killed before, generally noob campers are killed very quickly.........SO IF YOU ARE ON SITE CRYING ABOUT CAMPERS, I SUGGEST TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR METHOD OF HUNTING, YOU ARE NOT AS GOOD AS YOU THINK YOU ARE.......FINALLY IF YOU DONT LIKE CAMPERS PLAY SPACE INVADERS, NO CAMPERS THERE..HAHA

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          i camp when i need to and i rush around when i need to i dont mind anyone camping as long as they are they either guarding a objective or even cutting of a high traffic route the only campers i hate are the ones on my team that hide on the ar$e end of the map and get 2-3 kills at most but even then only if i lose the match

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            2. Re: TOO CAMP OR NOT TO CAMP

            Danger close, Launcher and +2 Frags = No Problem

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              camping is never okay.. there is rushing and there is patrolling, but unless you are healing or reloading, you shouldn't be in a corner, that is the single biggest prob in this game, is the non movement


              people say the maps are too big.. no, nobody moves, so rushers are looking for players for a min before finding one in a corner, thats why soo many games go to time


              generally players camp because they dont want to die, but after the game witht his tactic, they normally do not do very well, how i see it, if you are going to atleast go negative, why not run around and try to get kills.  you dont get better playing like a social degenerate

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                What?  I'm not one to say anybody else is wrong, its an opinion, but your comment that "camping is never okay", leaves me questioning if you thought about what you wrote before you wrote it.  Maybe you define camping differently, but there is absolutely a need to have people covering objectives or sniping to cover the backs of players moving.  I understand this isn't a 100% military simulation, but I like playing as if it is.  i.e. I try not to die.  I prefer to use military tactics along with my team...Moves like flanks, overwhelming force, cover then move, recon by fire...To do these maneuvers you need teammates covering you, staying prone, covering your back, forcing the other team into the other channel (side of the map) by sniping the other half of the map.


                I too resent the guy sitting in the stairwell in the corner away from every objective, waiting for the random 3 players per game to wander into his house.  If this is your "camper", okay I get it.  My solution to these jokers is to either frag or best yet--to ignore them (communicate to my team my discovery of a prone idiot covering a doorway, have everyone avoid the area).  Truth is if this joker only gets 3 kills a match, they won't have the patience to stay in the room more than 1-2 games. They will either change their style or move to bother somebody elses room.

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                  5. Re: TOO CAMP OR NOT TO CAMP

                  In TDM camp your little hearts out, in HCDOM your a scrub if you do it.

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                    6. Re: TOO CAMP OR NOT TO CAMP

                    it should be the other way around if your winning and hold 2 flags in dom feel free to camp ur ass off but in game like tdm, ffa and even k/c its not ok to camp

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                      even in objective gameplay and you are defending a flag .. you still cant/shouldnt camp.. your spot gets found out, and you need to move..when the objective is to just kill.. you should always be moving

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                        Dude have a read of Blacksheep01 comment, that's how I like to play, and my view of the game, my thoughts are cool HCDOM, you still have to change and adjust styles, but all these people screaming about campers, real life scenario, how I try to think and play, you will bump into campers and they will be your killers not your run/rush people they will be your victims, that's why I adjust to hunt campers,and show more caution, if anyone kills me on map, you wont find me crying about it on site.

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                          Dude seriously, in Domination, I have bumped into more campers then anywhere else, I have been killed that many times trying to get a flag, but my view is that it is up to me to hunt and kill the camper and catch the flag, and I kid you not, a lot of these people here putting **** on campers have done it, in one way or another!

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