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    Tired of the Crybaby Nerf It Now!!!!!!!! Threads

      I have been running through these forums quite a bit and I cannot tell you how tired I am of the Nerf It Now Threads.


      Basically they go like this:


      Weapon X or weapon class Y is too power.  I die to it all the time.  Please nerf it now!


      These threads are a waste of forum space and most of our time.  All they end up doing is getting a quick debate. The players who don't use the gun or gun class say, yeah your probably right and it could use a slight nerf. Then you get the players who really like the gun who point out it's strengths and weaknesses and say it's fine leave it alone.  You instead should be nerfing something else to draw attention away from their particular weapon of choice.


      I am not say that all the weapons in the game are good or bad. There are definately some that could still use some balancing one way or the other. So, rather than just making this a complaint about complaining thread let me offer some suggestions. 


      First of all, it's alright to say a weapon is overpowered and needs a nerf.  However, be specific about your complaint.  What exactly about the weapon is too powerful.  Compare it to some of it's peers that you don't think are overpowered and offer some suggestions on how to bring it into balance.  Don't just make a list of all it's strenghts and then say the solution is to cut the weapon back to where it's unplayable.  If you nerf the tar out of a gun you are going to make all the playes who like it really mad.   Normally a nerf just changes one thing about a weapon and only in a minor way.  Most suggestions should be in line with this to be realistic.


      Secondly just because a weapon is popular and you have a hard time competing against it doesn't mean that it's over powered. It might just mean that your particular play style doesn't compete well against the weapon.  You might just need to alter your class to compete against the gun.  Players don't want their favorite weapon nerfed just because you cannot accept your favorite class isn't perfect.


      Finally, before you complain about a weapon make sure you have actually picked it up and used it.  If you show me a link to a screen shot of your stats and you have 1,000 + kills with the gun you are complaining about. Then I know you have actually put some time in testing the weapon and your argument is warrented. Ghost is a good game as a whole, but it still has a lot of things that need fixing.  The only way that the developers are going to get around to getting the major problems solved is if we actually point out what they are rather than just complaining about what we don't like. 



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          Re: Tired of the Crybaby Nerf It Now!!!!!!!! Threads

          That's the problem with probably 99% of buff/nerf complaint threads in all of CoD; much of it is done by people simply belly-aching that they got killed (multiple times) and the person who killed them happened to be using a certain weapon/attachment/etc, so in their inflated ego mind, it MUST be because of that weapon/attachment/etc. and not their own poorer playstyle/reaction time/etc. and/or that other person's better playstyle/reaction time/etc., thus those people complaining can never really offer anything specific about why something should be buffed/nerfed aside from things like "it killed me too quickly/didn't kill the enemy quick enough!" or "Everyone is using it, so why would they if it's not OP?", and such while doing nothing but repeating those reasons and outright denying anyone else who counters their complaints with actual in-depth explanations for why it's not OP.


          People just NEED something to blame EXCEPT themselves.

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            Re: Tired of the Crybaby Nerf It Now!!!!!!!! Threads

            I agree with everything in the paragraphs. Nerfing shouldn't be the answer unless there is a legit reason for it.

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