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    Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

      I play COD ghosts all the time..granted i still LOVE this game..but the riot shields are just becoming annoying during SND and SNR..I played SND,and i feel like infinity ward needs to patch the fact that when someone throws a C4 at me,their riot shield still remains in front of them, so i still cant shoot them. Thats the dumbest thing ive ever seen, i have people shooting at me while they are still in the process of switching to their secondary weapons as well on riot shield class...so i made my own. and I must say..The riot shield class is EXTREMELY OP..i never was bothered by the riot shield in any game,but this one i must say. The fact that these kids already put portable radar, and c4's and grenade launchers lol..but really atleast give us a chance to kill them when they throw their C4. I dont think the riot shield should remain in front of them when they throw C4's thats just unfair and stupid. It never did that in any other COD,they would move their riot shield a little bit so u could get a shot on them. and the other CODs when u switch from riot shield to secondary,it was a little slower whether u used fast hands or not,now,its just like theres no little second when switching..dumbest idea with riot shields..I love this game without a doubt,but seriously infinity ward,FIX THE RIOT SHIELDS...patch it atleast that when you throw C4,they have to move the riot shield,so u can atleast get a shot off on them.

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          1. Re: Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

          I dont see the need to patch the riot shield.

          It gaves some usage to the riot shield, in other Cods you can rarely see a player using th Riot/Assaul shield

          this gives more usage also is not hard to beat someon with a RS+C

          "Off the Grind" + "Deadsilence" + "Amplify" can destroy these guys in therms of tactical game modes like "Search & Destroy" and "Search & Rescue"

          The riot shield by itself is pretty weak perks like

          Strong Arm (1)

          Extra Lethal (2)

          Danger Close  (4)

          Reflex (2)

          can be pretty cheap but there are many way´s to win a gun match against a Riot Shield

          The standar set for a Riot Shield player is

          Riot shield (Radar)

          Pistols Dual Hand or grenade launcher

          C4 plus one extra


          Strong Arm (1)

          Extra Lethal (2)

          Danger Close  (4)

          Reflex (2)

          First off  stay away from them if you se one, if you get close enough "BOOM" so off the grind come's very handy the radar of the riot shield cant detect you. Dead silence is for no one can hear you are near. "amplify" is to locate your enemy in this case the Shield guy do a surprise attack and problem solved in that round. Most important is a pacience game playing against a riot shield player.    

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            2. Re: Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

            I completely agree. They should fix the riot shields. I mean I get shot through my shield all the time and that is BS. It's like half the time, my shield isn't there. And what is this stupid nonsense that even while crouched my toes aren't protected? Seriously? Or if I am on the smallest of inclines my feet are exposed. Why is that still a thing? And for the love of god, make the damn thing wider to compensate for lag - it's not right that on my extreme they are only slightly off center but on theirs they are already on my flank.

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              3. Re: Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

              I dont know about c4 with a riot shield as i dont use c4 but the throwing knives definitely leave you vulnerable when using a riot shield

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                4. Re: Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

                i think that it should get a light nerf, AP rounds should carry some damage through the shield, varrying on the weapon type so that subs have to beaver away to get a kill while lmg's can put some hurt on them quick.  ONLY with AP rounds though otherwise the shield becomes useless.


                also the RPG (panzerfaust) should kill a shield user, its designed to kill TANKS FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                c4 should also carry a little damage through a shield to make the BS tactic of throw c4 at guy 2ft away and take no damage.  they should also adjust the throw animation so that a bit more body is exposed to enable skilled players to get a kill shot.

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                  5. Re: Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

                  I agree,don`t have a problem with any other weapon, but the riot shields and dogs are way to overpowered and that`s why most players ,especially kids are using them, it seems when ever i encounter these turtles they seem to have this invisible shield around them when they drop the shield to shoot at you as you are doing the same to them, and dogs ,give me a break, almost a half mag to kill or stop one, lol.

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                    6. Re: Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

                    All you gotta do is use an smg, run around in circles shooting, eventually they'll drop dead

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                      7. Re: Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

                      I agree you should not be forced to play in a exact way to counter them my solutions are simple.


                      1. Simply buff blast shield so it freaking works against danger close it is completely retarded that they can kill you with blast shield.

                      2. Remove danger close and replace it, the perk is not needed in the game and is not wanted replace it with something useful like a team support idea, every time you gain 5 kills with this perk you gain a care package which is suited to your class for example with assault a random assault streak and with support a random support streak and with specialist a assault streak again.

                      3. To patch the riot shield itself simply slow the radar ping down, so the other shield options become more wanted.

                      4. My last idea is when you toss a explosive or a tactical you should reveal more of your arm and the side of your chest making it slightly more viable to shoot them.


                      If even one of these suggestions were taken search and rescue and search and destroy would be far better modes and not the disgrace they are in now.  I hope IW reads this

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                        8. Re: Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

                        If you cant beat them, join them. I have and it makes them rage quicker than ive ever seen

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                          9. Re: Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

                          You don't make magically make the Scrambler and Titanium Frame better by making the Radar worse. The Scrambler and T. Frame are both crap and the only way to make them better is to actually make them better.

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