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    Everyone is all about that K/D guys... -_- Ruins the Game






      Why are people like this?


      People man...



      I've seen people get KICKED from clans by their friends for their K/D dropping...


      I've seen people get KICKED from clans for lagging and getting killed to much in one game..




      Something needs to change...This game needs to get back to the point where everyone did good and no one gave 2 *****... MAKE THE GAME EASIER SO EVERYONE CAN PLAY GOOD OR SOMETHING SO THE COMMUNITY WILL STOP BEING DOUCHES OVER K/D RATIO


      You NEVER see these kind of things in games like


      Minecraft or other Co-Op games because everyone is a TEAM and not constantly ANAL-BLASTING OUT OF THE MOUTH AT EACHOTHER

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          For people to do well, someone else has to do badly.  It's impossible for everyone to do well.


          I've come across a few people who talk smack about K/Ds, mute is your friend here.  Plus any clan which kicks guys for making mistakes really isn't a clan I'd want to be anywhere near.  Thankyfully, I would suggest that is the minority rather than the majority.

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            I totally agree, I have my clan and I dont care about k/d you can see its name is Rehab team and the requirements is to have fun. It sucks because a couple of members keep downing themselves because of k/d. They are more worried about that then playing people need to stop being so critical everyone was bad at one time.

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              You again.


              Personally i think Minecraft is a great casual and goof around game for people who don't care about serious gaming, but it is not a good game.It is just a third rate building blocks game with horrid graphics and stale gameplay.Please do not compare a game like CoD to the likes of minecraft.I view minecraft as the same as pong from the 1970's or Runescape.


              Clans have restrictions for a reason.KDR is a important representation of how a person play's tactically.Though this is lowered due to dashboarding.Half the people who brag about their KDR, are dashboarding their way to a 3.0 which i give no respect to.In reality they are actually about a 1.50 which is average.


              2.0 is an average expectation in a normal clan that try's to win in clan wars.What's the point in working on a clan when you have a bunch of noobs with no tactics or skill in it.Only way to bring your clan up in rank is to more or less purge the worthless.Lagging and dying allot hurt's a clan in a clan war.So naturally they are gonna get rid of you.Most gaming clans and guilds are like this.Except the ones not serious in getting a high rank or winning.


              There has never been a point in CoD's history where everyone did good.If you were bad, you were simply bad.Most competitive games have trash talk and is to be expected from competitive gamers.However, you do get the mindless buffoons who spew curse words and offend in any way they can.Just mute them and avoid them while giving a bad rep.It's not hard.


              Here's some advice and hopefully it will get through, even to you.If the game makes it easier for the newbs, it makes it 5x easier for the pro's.In short it will make it worse for the casuals who are unskilled in tactics and playing ability.Not better.


              Imagine if the losing team in football got to start 10 yards from the touchdown zone instead of mid field.Sure they have a easier time but if they still get intercepted like before then they will likely still lose.Meaning the handicap won't change the fact that they are bad.

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                Outside of TDM KD doesn't win matches and I dare say that most of the really good CoD players out there don't have really high KDs because KD isn't important to them.  I was with 3 of my clan mates last night when another clan jumped into our lobby.  I want to say that they had 4 members as well.  While we waited for the countdown to run out, two them were talking a little smack.  One of them said, "their a clan but look they have trash KDs."  The other says, "No one of them is good.  No wait that's me."  I couldn't tell you what their KDs were because I didn't bother to look.  Ours probably averaged out to 1.  What I can say is that they actually were good.  So I assume that they are used to beating people much like my guys are.  We went toe to toe with them.  We won the match (DOM Strikezone btw) and both sides finished with around 1ish kds with nobody having less than 30 kills.  They pulled out everything from speed setups to ARs to Riot shield C4s.  They even got the KEM strike.  You name it they tried it and we adjusted to it all.   It was a good match.  They didn't say a word after the match and then left the lobby.  Hopefully meeting us gave them a little something to think about when judging their opponents simply based on a rather easily manipulated stat.  However, this mentality is out there in force.  Being a guy that rocks a mere 1.18 kd, I find it both silly and advantageous that such foolishness exists.  So if it goes away then that's good for the community but if it doesn't then I'll just keep bringing these folks down to reality by making them ask how did a guy with a 1.18 kd just kick my 3+ kd butt?

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                    As you know I have had this experience as well. I often find that when a team typically runs around beating people into the ground, they do not stay in lobbies that give them a run for their money.

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                        I see that a lot as well.  To their credit these guys did stick out the match but I sure did hear a lot of "NOOOOO"s in the kill feed. They definitely weren't used to having competition but at least they had the balls to stick it out for a match.  Most clans that talk trash don't.  In fact, we picked up the last wins that we needed to pick up a node over the weekend due to a forfeit from a trash talking clan.  We had beat them in a close match the match before but we got a sizeable early lead in the second match.  I felt like maybe I should have sent them a thank you card for giving up and handing us that node.  But I decided not to rub salt in their wounds.

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                             That's the problem with smack talk.  We played a clan last night, HCTDM.  We aren't great, but we usually win.  The other guys had high KDs, but we'd figure we'd play at least one.  We got crushed!  Their top guy went 26-1 on warhawk.  Not one of them did any hooting and hollering after the match.  I thanked them for the clinic and found another lobby.  Good sportsmanship in CoD is pretty much dead.

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                        I am not a KD player at all, but I don't blame the players for putting KD first when the game is designed to be all about KD.

                        Sure the game throws in game-modes like Domination and Blitz but even in those game-modes you have:

                        -Leaderboards that show you your KD (now even IN-GAME).

                        -KD being listed first on the leaderboards, not caps or confirms.

                        -Players getting points for kills.

                        -Kill-streaks are that are earned primarily (and more commonly) by kills.

                        So, no matter how you look at it developers have designed the game to be COD=KD. So, does that mean everyone has to find fun in kill-whoring? No. But you really can't blame the guys that play this game the way it was designed.

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                            So if you are saying lobby leaderboards are placed by k/d then that is not a fact iv seen people with 2 as k/d and soneone with like .70 in front because of caps and confirms

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                                I think I agree with you both.


                                I think it depends on how many points you get (not sure). but if someone gets more points by the number of kills they get rather than the caps/defends, they will be out front.


                                The game is definitely defined by K/D (which really only matters in TDM and FFA...maybe SnD/R).  It is not surprising that a greater % of the community only plays for KDR and often do not care about winning a match.


                                I know we are not all MLG, but one may consider that a tournament is based on Wins and not KD...


                                If members of a basketball team get triple-doubles and still lose... who cares?


                                Winning and going positive is best of course, and losing with a negative KD is bad...but what is better:


                                - losing and going positive

                                - winning and going negative (not TDM, as you were the weak link and did not contribute to the win potentially)

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                              Why don't u just admit that YOU were the one who got kicked!! 

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                                Your on a rant roll, and should reconsider the games your playing. Seriously, choose another.

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                                  They have clans in Minecraft? Never knew that.