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      IND is looking for new members!


      For those who have been around this world for a while, you have probably heard of the KSIs, XGC, RoG, and many others to come onto the scene in the past years. While they are all very successful, they are also very old-school. We are looking to change that.


      As for all you new guys looking to join your first official gaming community; look no further. We are bring gaming communities back to popularity and promise to make your experience once in a lifetime, and unforgettable.


      Industry Gaming (IND) is the first major community to not only bring you a family of gamers, but to take gaming to a whole new level. Industry is an entire empire. We specialize in web hosting, graphics designs, tournament hosting, and also are openly recruiting for our gaming community positions. We are truly taking gaming to a whole new level.


      Contact us today to get more information about this great community. Not only will you meet like-minded gamers, but you will learn and develop many of life’s essential skills and traits. With our very talented and experience staff of over 10 officers, we promise to make this a perfect opportunity for you.


      Just think, this is only the beginning. We are still working on opening more branches in IND, so join now to get a ticket to the top, because you won’t want to be left at the bottom. This is a revolution. This is a new era.


      How to join:

      -Register at our website www.ind-gaming.com

      -Be sure to use the IND Boss as the referral code.

      -After registering post an application to join.


      Thank you,

      IND Staff