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    Team Novus (New Competitive) Recruiting (360)

      Let me first start off by saying that Team Novus will have little, if anything, to do with the COD Ghosts in game Clan System. This team is for a small amount of people (10 - 30 members) who are willing to play with each other to better themselves so we may eventually start a line of competitive teams for GameBattles matches in the future.


      This team is for anyone interested in eSports and who wants to compete at a professional level at some point in their future. Your skill level currently is irrelevant. We expect you to have a very basic understanding of eSports at the least, meaning that you are aware of at least three competitive teams and their current players, and know the top 2 placings of teams at UMG Philly and MLG Columbus. Very basic, right? Right!


      Kill/Death Ratio is completely irrelevant for joining this team. Though it would be nice for you to have a 2.0+ KDR, it is not needed. We are focused on how you perform with the rest of the members of Team Novus as far as the objective goes.


      You may be a veteran of competitive Call of Duty and be reading this, thinking that you would have no place here. Wrong! We could definitely use your knowledge and experience, and perhaps just maybe you can learn a few tricks from the rest of the team. Knowledge is power, and those combined equal wins. You do not even need to be a part of Team Novus, we would love any professional assistance possible.


      If you are the unfriendly trash-talking type, you will find yourself out of Team Novus in a heartbeat. No matter how good of a player you might be, you will represent Team Novus in a positive light. We understand a little jab at players here and there, we also understand that you may want to be the hype factor for your team. That is perfectly fine, however, you will respect other players when addressing them. If you eventually attend a LAN under Team Novus, you will be respectful and shake hands after each series.


      Communication is everything in competitive Call of Duty, and we understand that arguments arise between players-- This is normal, and somewhat inevitable. We ask that you try your best to keep focused on the common goal as a team and realize that though you may be having a disagreement with another teammate, they are only disagreeing with you because of their passion for the game and for winning, a passion that you have as well. Try your best to avoid arguments,


      Gamertag changes will follow in this format: noV (Name Here). These are not required to join, only if you truly wish to represent Team Novus.


      For those that are serious about joining, please contact noV Solaris on Xbox Live.