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    DMRs in treyarc games!?

      I love the idea of the designated marksman rifles in cod games. In waw my best class setup was probably the silenced carbine, which I think functioned like a dmr!?  Anyways, since marksman rifles are intended for mid to long range, they should also have some sort of modifiable zoom?  Maybe beefier fals and such?

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          Re: DMRs in treyarc games!?

          Marksman rifles were a nice idea. but in practicality they are just semi auto ARs with buffed range and damage and reduced rates of fire. they were made for the guys that thought they could use the FAL and the SMR to snipe and out perform snipers and other AR users at long range most of the time and still have attachment benifits of ARs like quickdraw and stock.

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