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    The biggest lameness on Ghosts....

      The biggest lameness on ghosts is what the hell happens when playing Infected.


      For some reason, you are literally aiming your knife while infected directly at the person and it misses, sometimes your knife ricochets off the wall and hits them and for some bizarre reason, your unload 3 rounds of shotgun in to the person and they don't die.


      Couple the above with the fact that 60% of people literally just go to the same place each time on every map ,particularly freight (which basically highlights how limited you are ability wise) and it is borderline insanity. That's right!


      Oh - and why is the last remaining survivors position told to those infected? 1 v 11 and they need to know where he is. This is so unfair and encourages people taking advantage of glitches and hiding in places impossible to reach.


      Then you have the issue with players on split screen mode protecting the sole survivor by blocking their counterpart in a room where there is only 1 access point and those infected only have the knife as a weapon.


      Capture the flag was a fun game and has gone. I like this game, I just hate knowing it could have been made so much better.


      Rant over!!!

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          Re: The biggest lameness on Ghosts....

               We were playing infected the other night.  I spent two hours knifing air.  That's right, the guy is right in front of me and I'm missing.  Then I watch a killcam where a guy knifes the last survivor and he's not even in his field of vision, he's 90 degrees to the right of him.


               Totally agree about the last survivor being pinged on the map too.  WTF is that all about?  Give the guy a chance to hide. 

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