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        10. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

        It seems like they had more ideas than they could incorporate into the game. I think they added a lot of content that they could play off of in future maps and just never got to it. There are so many unanswered questions with things they put into tranzit.

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          11. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

          WWhat about getting a weapon from the box when it has the orbs circling, when you don't have any weapons? Will it gI've you a certain weapon, EMP say every time ?


          ALso, wouldn't someone have found something hinting to another step by ripping the code from pc files By now? Consodering that there's many more months before any possible new Zs coming, doesn't hurt to keep an eye out while playing I suppose.

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            12. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

            I know I remember seeing people bring up the Mechanical Cranium Sequencer in the past, when Tranzit was young. I can't say that people tried shooting the driver with that gun. I know I never tried. I really, really like the idea of the Macro Annihilator being important for something, since it's almost as awesome as the jet gun = not very.

            I briefly read up on macros and what they are... I guess I discovered that they are actually a way to simplify steps, or create hot-keys per say, so you can perform a task that'll usually take 2 or more steps and do it in one, as well as being what you said. It became a tad over my head--- not that I'm not smart, I think (and hope) but when checking into it I was a bit tired. Going off of the definition you offered: wouldn't there be several macros in the map? Morse code, blinking lights (bowling alley, ON 4 U, maybe the PaP door-opening sequence??) If so, maybe we could permanently open PaP by shooting one of the doors with that gun PaP'd???

            Either way, I will definitely try shooting the bus in all parts with both guns in the days to come. In particular, the little meshed area on the door(s) side of the bus that shows an engine of sorts, and of course the driver's head/switches.

            Reckon while I have them I'll nail the other repeating, sequenced parts of the map, just 'cause.


            EDIT: from awhile ago; ydajdimstr-- The M82A1 and M8A1 are Macro and Micro, respectively... The same manufacturer designs these weapons... The M8A1 uses a smaller caliber... Macro and Micro are used in this sense, not coding... Nice attempt though, I truly do appreciate those like you that fight the good fight...

            From: Re: Navcard Reader reprogramming Theory

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              13. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

              While we are on the subject of Pap guns, does anyone think that day x/2 me is a reference to a ray gun? I think it has to be saying that in the day, the bus chooses that path.

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                14. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                People have said they've tried the PaP'd Ray Gun and Mark II on the signs... Not to say that something else can't be had with those guns, especially the Mark II, since it came to the map afterwards. I've always suspected (and hoped) that the Mark II would equate to some sort of continuation since it came to the map well after it had been played, and theorized, and played, and etc...

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                  15. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                  Pretty much meaning: shoot everything and its mom with the Mark II Pap'd

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                    16. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                    That would explain jimmy z 's tweet, "wait the appropriate amount of time" I still don';t know why the treyarch devs stress tally mark rankings so much though... They have to have some contribution to something...

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                      17. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                      Agreed. The blue eyes are blue for a reason. If people choose, in public lobbies, who they are going to play with, it's because of rank (which I don't do, btw; I'll play with bones because I like learnin' 'em.). That's one of the main reasons why I'm convinced there is indeed a solo endeavor yet un-had. It's one thing to need commitment in solo, and it's a completely different scenario to commit with others. People's lives are busy--- being in a band, I know--- but, one guy could make a difference I think that's the way to go.

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                        18. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                        I tried a few things just now.


                        1. I bought my perks in the bowling alley sign order, which was blue, yellow, green, red, so quick, dt, speed, then jug.

                        2. I tried using the Mechanical Cranium Sequencer on the driver.


                        Both were ineffective, or at least had no obvious results.


                        Also worth noting: I am currently a skull with knife rank, and 5 tallies, have been since release.

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                          19. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                          I am pretty sure that if there is more to tranzit, it is more steps to the easter eggs, so I would say that these tests that you are doing should be tried after the easter egg is completed, during the same game. The map has been absolutely scoured but i dont think its been entirely scoured after the easter egg is complete.

                          CSAWWWWW Do you know if it could be possible to do the ee on solo? Maybe placing 1 turbine down at a time? I agree that th blue eye rank sounnds like it relates to solo play, but like reza side, we have to find clues doing sidequests, which i assume to be the ee.

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