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        120. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

        Yeah nuketown frustrates so much especially the bunker ! The Map its self , well what there is of it looks really good and feels good to . Just small and boring after a couple of games . Nacht was small but a great map for holding off on but nuke town is just set up to train your brain away

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          121. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

          OK, people are mis-stating what I was told. The dev. I talked to said, and I quote." All u can say, is they are not a glitch." He was referring to the beams. No mention of the orbs were ever made. Plus yoda and myself, then went into tranzit and tore it apart. What we found was the beams are not technaclly a glitch, but they bend off the tower depending on which leg of the tower has a beam traveling up it. So in a nutt shell, the trigger ( laundry door) makes the beams glitch out. Unsure why. Trust me. The beams at the door are a glitched out light show, nothing more.

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            122. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

            We need to make a forum to organize all orb appearences so we can try to figure out when and why they appear. If tranzit is unfinished as many think, why did orbs seemingly randomly spawn after the easter egg has been completed? That doesnt sound unfinished to me. That sounds like we havent figured out how to make the orbs appear and thats why we havent made any progress.

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              123. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

              “There is a narrative in Tranzit, and an endgame of sorts. Death is the most common ending, but it’s not necessarily the only ending. Pay attention to dialogue between the four new heroes and you’ll begin to unravel the mystery behind the zombie takeover of Earth.”

              This is the imfamous reza quote that everyone thinks means there is more to tranzit. But what if he is just talking about the buried endgame?

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                124. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                Regarding the thread to organize orb appearances and a system for logging them...

                KeredNomrah, a user here as well as CoDZ has attempted this.


                Here: ZFFS: Orbs & Rays/Beams - Observation and Manipulation (A Tranzit Phenomenon)

                CoDZ: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/151871-zffs-orbs-rays-obs ervation-and-manipulation/


                Pretty expansive. Check it out.

                That may very well be the only way we'll figure them out, if they're not just random...

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                  125. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                  I know you guys discussed nuketown earlier but I have a theory, the zombies eyes change color on round 25 if i'm not mistaken and you hear the tranzit bus at the beginning of the game which shows that they could theoretically be right next to each other. since they are next to each other the round times would be the same so when you hit round 25 on either map something would be happening this could mean that maybe we need to do something on this round, whether its complete the EE or find something new that only is on this round i'm not sure. I would assume that when you guys do your EE hunting you do it on a low round because the zombies walk and it's much easier to play on but what if it just had to be done on this round or at a certain time. GL on finding something and keep the posts coming, I always find it interesting to read things that I have not yet thought about.

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                    126. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                    Nuketown takes place during the same time as Moon from BO1. Thats why the eyes change color during the map, which is a step during Moon. At the end of Nuketown, you see the rockets from Moon hitting the Earth. Then sometime after that, Tranzit takes place. During Nuketown, Marlton can be heard inside the bunker. After that, according to the cutscene for Buried, he meets Misty first, and then Russ and Stu get off the bus at Tranzit to meet them. One possible theory was Russ was on the bus thats heard at Nuketown, leaving the same site Marlton worked at. So the maps and bus aer close and possibly related, but they occur at different time periods.


                    Your idea makes me wonder though, if anything could be triggered from doing the EEs for each map at the same round. Like the Nuketown round 25 was a hint. Perhaps if all three EEs and all three cards are done at round 25, then maybe something could happen. Most likely nothing, but still something new to think about.

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                      127. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                      thats an interesting thought. doing maxis on round 25 for tranzit would be a very difficult task. maybe one that would trigger something. not only would you have no perks, you would have to time the weather admist all the chaos. but that is interesting. die rise and buried would be no problem, but maxis on tranzit would take some work.


                      it sucks that the devs wont tell us if we have missed something in tranzit. i enjoy the challange of EE, but between them having to rush nuketown and scrapping what seems to be a bunch of stuff due to time constraints, whos to say that they didnt have to make the executive decision and do the same on tranzit? weather it was they couldnt get things to work on every platform or just flat out ran out of time to finish their plan. i would just like to know that we are missing something and everything is there to make it work and find, or " hey community we were too lazy and procrastinated working on tranzit so we werent able to finish it"


                      and @deathbringerzen did you see this cage while no clipping under the lava? this is the first im hearing about it. thanks.

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                        128. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                        I like the thought of something else happening after a certain number of rounds, reflects the "wait the appropriate amount of time, then continue to work". Round 25 could be that indication. Perhaps to do the EE, or to interact with the orbs.


                        In another thread (or maybe this one, don't remember...) I mentioned "one way" you could do the Maxis EE. Since it's almost technically a glitch, I wasn't too keen on the idea of it. But, I accidentally found out while experimenting on Tranzit.

                        • If you've acquired 4 perks (I did this in solo, so I don't know if playing with mates works or not; I'd assume it does) while the power is on, and if you go down after the power is off, AND you have the Tombstone persistenet-perk, you will revive with the perks you have activated even if the power is off.

                        Now, like I said, up to who ever decides this is a glitch, since Tranzit is the one map with a power switch you can toggle.

                        I personally like the idea of a challenge, and doing the Maxis EE on 25 with NO PERKS.

                        But, this "method" would make it a heck of a lot easier...


                        And again, I found it accidentally. I decided to turn the power off (at like round 20 or so, just for kicks) went down, self-revived and was like "What?!?". So, don't shoot the messenger.

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                          129. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                          Glitches like these are not the ones that most of us frown upon. It is people who abuse glitches to get to high rounds or to obtain high ranks and stats that are the ones we all dislike.


                          I think most of us would admit to splitting the hacker, placing the fire staff in the one holder 4 times over, sitting in the PHD spot on Moon while we ran to grab something, using the turbine method to get and keep perks while power is off, throwing semtex at red dig piles etc. There is a different between minor exploits and full of abuse.


                          The minute you use a glitch to kill a zombie, that is when you become a real glitcher!

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