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        150. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

        I have thought that the box obs are telling us location, and from what you have said, it sounds like it is weapon based too. It sounds like you might have to either kill zombies with that gun at that location, but it could also be something with that exact location, like shooting something at that location with the gun. Could there be a reason why town has 2 box locations?


        The powerlines are each right next to turbine opened doors that lead to bus parts. I feel that thats treyarchs way of explaining why the door needs power, because the powerline is broken.


        Has anyone ever powered all 4 of those doors with turbines at the same time?

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          151. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

          I can tell you that for the longest time, I held the same assumption about the power lines as you did, and by all means it is a sound theory.  And yes the four doors theory has been tested.


          What peaked our interest is that, like the orbs and beams, you can not see these certain power lines in theater mode unless you play through at normal speed.  As far as the group I play with knows, there are only a few things which do not show up in theater mode under certain circumstances.  We all know that parts do not show, and when fast forwarding, beams and orbs do not appear. These same power lines seem to operate in a similar fashion as the orbs and beams when it comes to viewing them in theater mode, so I find it curious as to why they made it as such.


          Basically we came to the conclusion that if Treyarch was just trying to show us why the doors needed turbines, they could have done that with ease. Put in busted power lines similar to the ones in Nuketown, and presto! The deed is done.


          Instead they made the lines capable of being shot and moved. They also coded them so that they are not just static cosmetics.  Meaning, the power lines in Nuketown and Tranzit can be seen in theater at any speed, but these power lines operate differently.


          And as far as the box orbs go, I am scheduled to do more testing this week.  We have taken note of what the characters say when receiving certain guns, and they mostly seem suggest it is time to kill some zombies.  We have tested this before and nothing came of it, so we are trying different things such as having the blue eyes.

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            152. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

            Pretty interesting find with "Him" travelling down into the shelter window... Ya gotta wonder where he was heading, and if he'd cruise around the windows in the tunnel, or perhaps the church.


            About the power lines-- they've had my interest for some time too. But, I haven't found anything of use for them.

            I did find it interesting that not only do the broken wires move, but the ones running will bounce around too, say if you threw a semtex or rpg'd the pole they're connected to. That combined with the spools of wire you can find laying around the map, I thought for sure they were hinting at being able to do something with the wires.

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              153. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

              Ah I was unaware that using explosives on the poles will bounce the running lines.  Definitely something to keep in mind while we are messing with the power lines. Thank you.


              As far as the Avogadro goes, it is a bit tricky to replicate the process.  We have some ideas to test out, such as having him down someone of the outside of the building, while someone else is on the inside.  We want to attempt this without having bought the 750 door.


              We were thinking the exact same thing about "Him" and the church.  That window is awful suspicious, as well as the COS box under the sign.  I know a lot of people of believe the COS box is insignificant, but I have not come to the same conclusion.  There is only the one, and it's not like having a COS box is some sort homage to developers or gamers.


              COS stands for Code-Operated Switch for those of you who don't know. Here is a link to a real one you can purchase.


              [Removed by Moderator]


              If you guys aren't familiar with a Black Box, do some research and let me know if it sparks any ideas.

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                154. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                Well I attempted to reply earlier today, but for some reason it says my message is currently being moderated.  I am not sure why.  All I did was thank you for your input on the power lines, as I was unaware that using explosives on the poles would move the running lines.


                I also agree that the church is another place we should test "Him" at. That window is awfully suspicious and so is the COS box under the sign.  If anyone is unfamiliar with what a COS box is, do some research on Code-operated switches and let me know if it sparks any ideas.

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                  155. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                  Guess they didn't like yer link.

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                    156. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                    Just noticed Jimmy Z's twit. "Waiting makes the heart grow... Brains!"

                    Most likely, he's talking about having to wait until the next zombies drops.


                    But, it got me thinking about the Avo, and being able to see his heart with the MMS attachment.

                    Usually, everyone kills him ASAP. Anyone think that letting him hang around could make him stronger, or different in some way??


                    Btw-- Jimmy's tweet from the 13th is friggin' hilarious. Stu attacks!!

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                      157. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                      Here's an idea...

                      The Avogadro is the next piece of the puzzle.

                      It is known that he is in the chamber cell before the switch in power is pulled, and once you pull the switch and the cell rises, he looks almost in pain, as if the power chamber is taking it's energy from him directly.

                      So maybe he fights us because we pull the switch and he gets mad at us for hurting him.


                      Has anyone tried this:

                      What if we emp him before pulling the switch? Will he leave the chamber? Or is he technically "not there" even though he is?

                      If we get him out before the switch is pulled, maybe he immediately follows you around, or when he spawns later he will.


                      Also, how will power station change if we release him early? Will there even be power? Maybe the power station will pull reserve energy from the large power structure just outside of power, giving that seemingly unnecessary structure a purpose?


                      If Avo is with us, perhaps he will power everything for us similar to the turbine, but he can do unlimited supply as opposed to the breakable limited turbine. Also, he could be the key to interacting with objects in a new way. Maybe he can move the railcars somehow and we can get up to the reserve station. Perhaps the PhD/Mule location we've been missing?


                      Maybe he can interact with the orbs? Absorb them for more power? Move them to a new place?


                      So many possibilities...someone needs to try this...

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                        158. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                        These are great ideas- definitely never heard these avogadro ideas tried. I also wonder why MMS shows us these hidden things, like the laundromat door and avogadro's heart.


                        For anyone who talks about  marltons quote "there is a strange phenomenon hovering in the distance" i think he is saying that he can see Him in the clouds because avagadro is kind of visible when in the clouds during a storm


                        Also i heard someone say farm has an alien easter egg. Ive never heard of it. Please tell.

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                          159. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                          I think that you can do something with clocks there are many clocks on bus depot and in other places maybey you have to shoot them with jet gun but you have to shoot all of them couse in my opinion its too many of them and i think if you do something with all of them maybey you go back in time or in future and second bus will come in. Let me know what you think

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