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        30. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

        Don't let it sink its hook too deeply.

        I'm past the barb, and it's starting to hurt pulling it out...

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          31. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

          What if the Laundromat was a glitch, but the beams aren't. Based on my knowledge of the Devs' tweets, they did not say that the Beams are a glitch. It makes me absolutely suspicious to this day, that such an elaborate set of glowing lights can be classified with a glitch.


          If i get enough responses, I would reopen my theory debunking thread. Almost everything you guys stated here, my pals have tried. We even tried suiciding after every single member had two orb guns. It took close to 16hrs by the way. Strange part was that every-time one of us downed ourselves, except for Russman, some noise, like the bell near the bank, is heard.


          We also tried redoing famous theories such as the street lamp theory in the strangest of ways, like in specific rounds, specific level etc.


          Like the thread starter, I too had theories about the tally marks, and to this very day, 1 year later, I belief that the theory is possible. I too believed that tally marks played an important role. Perhaps thats what Rez meant by commitment, to be commited in the game, till you get the damn blue eyes, since thats the only way u can see the orbs

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            32. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

            FFlying platypus debunked the beams. They are a glitch. The devs only said the orbs are not a glitch. Beams-glitch, orbs-purpose.

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              33. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

              Yeah, even NGT said it was a glitch. Oh well

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                34. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                Sucks when yer out to dinner and can't reply 'cause you don't wanna be 'that guy' paying more attention to his phone.


                Anyway--- FlyingPlat wrote a little over a week ago that the devs said the beams aren't a glitch.

                Here:  Tranzit discussion

                I was going off of some past posts, which made it seem like the devs said (in the conversation between Plat and the devs) the orbs aren't a glitch. Apparently, the devs said the orbs and beams aren't...?!? I'm unsure of how the exact conversation went down. But, he made it clear in the thread linked above, the beams are not a glitch. He also said that he's a quitter just pokin' Plat. His reason for not believing there is more is completely valid, and most likely correct... As hard as it is to want to believe.


                But, like yer saying Bangla, the beams maybe aren't a glitch, but the way they are appearing on xbox is. With all of the other things I've been digging up, and reading what others have, about Tranzit, it's way too hard to just drop it. There are way too many unanswered questions/clues/hints to the friggin' map to believe that they just left an EE unfinished.

                Plus, knowing the hype with Moon and the reception it got, they had to follow it up with something pretty badasss. I personally think that Tranzit is that. But, if there is in fact an unfinished/mystery EE to Tranzit, it makes sense to me that it would be far more challenging than the one/two on Moon, and it would take a lot more time to solve than all the other EE's out there...


                I also still hold some sort of hope that whatever may be hiding in the map would branch out into the other N4 maps, therefore putting some more depth and meaning to the navcards and the tables.


                EDIT: speaking of Moon-- it took at least one person who had done Shangri's EE to do the second part of Moon. Effectively, that meant that you needed to complete something in one other map before you could do something on the other map. Perhaps the steps to the EE's are being done incorrectly, and I'm not referring to the steps in Tranzit. Everyone hit the "end-game" switch in Buried, and their EE statuses reset. It may be that you would need to do the EE's in a certain order. The only order I can think of would be time-wise. Obviously, Buried being first. Old West. Die Rise being second. Elevators are newer than the Old West. Tranzit's bus driver is certainly more futuristic than elevators. Maybe do the map's EE's in reverse order to map releases. So= Buried, Die Rise, then Tranzit. Just some more speculating on top of speculating. Ugh.

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                  35. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                  Yeah! Had that strong feeling that it wasn't a glitch, and can never be one. A glitch from a mediocre quake 3 engine can never be that complex haha. What I think happened is that the lights were codded wrongly for the xbox version, say that it was not suppose to come out from the door etc.


                  When I read the second part of your comment, I was like "why didnt i think of that". I've spent most of my time in Tranzit, with 2 different groups continuously gathering EE steps and clues and never have I thought of that. You might be on to something there mate. We have done the goddamn Maxis and Richtofen steps for hundreds of times in different orders (i recalled ngt did ask the help of the comm. to try out different approaches to the EE after the infamous commitment tweet)


                  I shall try it out later on maybe

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                    36. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                    Do you think that maybe the tranzit meaning might be related to the scalene triangle mentioned in this post? Quotes from Dr. Maxis and how we been doing the EE WRONG/ WITH PICTURE PROOF!!!

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                      37. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                      Im just curious what exactly anyone thinks the orbs are and what they do? Obviously there havent been any obvious results of interaction with the orbs. Do you guys think that we have to do another step before we can interact with them?

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                        38. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                        People have been in games where more then one person has each seen their own orb. Someone sees one on one street light, and someone else sees one on the pylon. But they can't see each others. And there are 4 spots where the orbs pop up. So one idea is what happens when all 4 players each see their own orb. Then the question is how do we cause each orb, which no has has ever found a trigger to any of the orbs. But if we could find a way of making each one pop up, then we could make all four appear, and then see what happens. Thats if the orbs are the key and not just another glitch. 

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                          39. Re: Tranzit Theories and Curiosities

                          I completely agree, but the unfortunate thing about that theory, is that for the past 4-5 month, I have not seen nor heard from ANYONE who has managed to trigger one of these orbs, and this leads me to believe that they may actually have managed to patch them out of the map altogether. Sure, the box orb is still very much present, but the traffic light/pylon orbs seem to have faded into obscurity.


                          Of course if anyone else HAS had one of these orbs show up in the last few month, feel free to inform me, as because I have not seen anyone mention them of late, and have not seen one myself, I can only suspect that they ARE a glitch, and one that has been fixed somewhere down the line.

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