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        If that is the case, then either


        • The tranzit easter egg is over
        • The traffic orbs are kind of a glitch, in that it isnt supposed to appear until later, like some think the beam is, and the other orbs arent, and we have to continue the ee further and then the traffic orbs will appear.
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          Well, I know I've had one within two months. But, it has been that long since.

          I do plan on continuing the search, 'cause I don't really have much else to do. Winter time.

          And it's fun.

          So, if another pops up for me to do nothing with, I'll let everyone know!

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            The beams and orbs aren't glichtes.

            You can replicate them by having the right weapons for each character and these must be orbitweapons from the box.

            I swear you will see the beams on ps3 too when you get the right weapons. I'm on PC and will prove this later tonight.

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              I have seen the traffic light orb just 20 mins ago. They are still  there, just that the beams are gone

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                I like M3NTZ3R29's simple question up yonder^^^.

                Is there another step we need to do to be able to interact with them?

                I also like several people suggesting we need to get 4 people in game to each see their orb.

                If what you're saying, Reaper, is true, then that is certainly something to attempt.

                Nail the box, everyone in game.

                After every weapon is taken from the box, go to the orb locations and see if yours has spawned.

                If not, hit the box again, and repeat.

                That would let us know if it's the weapon we take from the box that spawns an orb.

                I personally can testify that each character gets "wood" (of sorts) when they get a weapon they like.

                Marlton is the hardest, since he has a complex explanation of almost every weapon pulled.


                Anyway--- for those looking for a part of a 4 person team, you can hit me up.

                I'm planning on being on tomorrow and Sunday, most of the day(s)... as long as my son & wife let me

                Xbox: CSAWWWW

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                  TheBloodyBangla wrote:


                  I have seen the traffic light orb just 20 mins ago. They are still  there, just that the beams are gone


                  Can you prove this? I have checked with more than 2 dozen people and tested this one out and no one has seen an orb around the traffic lights or pylon since the second to last patch that dropped. I have even taken note of when people last seen them to try and iron out when they last got spotted.


                  Saying you seen one is all good, but since you are the ONLY person I have had claim to see one, I wonder if you can provide a video or image. Did you do the EE that game? What round are you on, and is it you seeing it or someone else?


                  I just find them to have dried up somewhat, and until proven otherwise, I am of the assumption they had been patched. Of course the box orb is still definitely present, so I am not ruling it out completely.

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                    This doesnt have to do with orbs, but I thought of it and i feel it is most likely true. The barrier in town near the bowling alley, going towards the moon sign, was originally another route. If you look at the map, that route would lead to the tower. The area has denizen signs, and is very detailed. Also, like CSAWWWW said, there are some oddly placed denizen signs in the fog between diner and farm.

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                      That route would lead directly to the mountain hillside behind the tower, and the road technically leads to nowhere, so I highly doubt it is another route or was even intended as such. The only realistic location that would work as a new route is the road behind the bus depot that would lead to the train wreckage beside power.


                      Anyway, seeing the limitations with the system, or more so the shitty engine used for CoD, there is next to no chance of Tranzit having ANY kind of hidden route. We all over estimated how good the dev's are, and especially how good the IW Engine is.


                      Another route in Tranzit is a complete non-starter. If there is more to the map, it is contained within the map as we know it.

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                        Marlton seems to like russian weapons, like the rpg and i think he might like the barret ,misty likes shotguns including the RMCS russman likes explosives like the war machine, and samuel likes the ray gun. All these weapons, excluding the war machine have been meantioned in tranzit threads, Paped they become porters x2 ray gun, aka day x2 me, macro annilator, switch the bus driver's macro bus route, and the mechanical cranium sequencer, which also could alter the bus driver.



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                          upload a video if you can. Are you saying that whenever xbox players see beams, that the weapon they aim on the laundry door with is an orb weapon every time?

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