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    What Do You Think About Field Orders?

      Personally, I think that they are an awesome little challenge feature added to the game, and I like how it gives you a Care Package, instead of having a Care Package be its own streak. I do, however, think that they could add some things to make it even better, which is why I am making this thread.


      Existing Field Order Challenges:

      - Get 3 non-killstreak kills

      - Get 1 kill with a non-killstreak explosive

      - Get 1 kill while Prone

      - Get 2 kills while Crouched

      - Get 2 kills with a Picked-up Weapon

      - Get 1 kill with melee

      - Get 1 kill while Jumping

      - Get 1 kill from behind

      - Get a kill with your Secondary Weapon

      - Humiliate the next enemy you kill



      Field Order Challenges I think they should add:

      - Increase the existing Prone challenge to 2 kills and add one that says Get 1 kill shortly after going Prone (i.e. dropshot), because there already is a jumpshot challenge

      - Achieve the next reward of your Killstreaks

      - Destroy 2 (or 3) enemy Equipment or Killstreaks

      - Get 1 (or 2) kills while Leaning

      - Get a kill shortly after reloading

      - Get a kill shortly after sliding

      - Objective-Based Orders for Specific Modes:

        ~ Capture a Flag (Domination)

        ~ Kill a Defender (Dom, Blitz)

        ~ Kill an Attacker (Dom, Blitz)

        ~ Recover a Teammate's Tag or Deny an Enemy Kill (KC, S&R)

        ~ Recover 2 Enemy Tags or Confirm 2 Kills (KC, S&R)


      Changes/Additions I think they should make to the Care Packages:

      - Either remove the Satcom from the Care Package options, or make it an extremely low probability; some of the challenges are tough to complete, and may even get yourself killed when you call in the Care Package...and then you get a Satcom...disappointment

      - I think they should add a Booby-Trapped Care Package to the rotation; Since anyone can get a Care Package at any time, I'm sure it could be very effective. At the same time, maybe let the Sitrep perk be able to see them (as in other CoD's)

      - Possibly add perk boosts in Care Packages, as you can do in Safeguard.

      - Add "stacking probability": The more Field Orders you complete in a match, the higher the probability the Care Package contains a high streak. (Unrelated side-note: My record is 5 in a match, plus 1 stolen from the other team. )




      What do YOU think?

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          1. Re: What Do You Think About Field Orders?

          I think 'Field Orders' are dumb and 'Grim Reaper Care Packages'.  I think of Grim Reapers as Smash Balls from SSBB.

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            2. Re: What Do You Think About Field Orders?

            I like them a lot except for:

            1) getting a Sat Com is severely stupid - busting my @ss for a 3 kill streak (or 2 with hardline)?????

            2) they could have made the one on Whiteout better than it is. Maybe it's just lame on Hardcore because there is no map to scramble. Still doesn't qualify as a KEM strike in my opinion though - should be more devastating

            3) I wish they had them on every map (via Field Orders, not the 24 or 25 kill streak one)

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              3. Re: What Do You Think About Field Orders?

              They are fine, Strikezone is the only map where you really cant do anything about the KEM, but the other map based killstreaks are simple to avoid. People need to stop thinking that being on a huge killstreak and all of a sudden getting killed is actually a big deal. Respawn and move on.

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                4. Re: What Do You Think About Field Orders?

                Field Orders are horrid.


                Right, so we're giving people Kinetic missiles for tea-bagging?


                If they we're objective orientated (as in what you have to do) and they got rid of these bloody ''dynamic (which there not) map events'' then maybe they will be acceptable but for now, they're just another cheap hand-out to add to an already frustrating game. 

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                  5. Re: What Do You Think About Field Orders?

                  I don't mind the teabagging one - it's easy enough for newcomers to get (and keep them playing), but on the other hand they can be tough because at times in order to do it you can get killed easily if you are out in the open (especially in hardcore where you can't take near as much damage as regular core).


                  What makes me laugh my butt off is that there was a girl on here who was crying about how guys will be teabagging the girl characters all the time (which they don't actually)...and the game designers puts that exact thing into the game. LOL.

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                    6. Re: What Do You Think About Field Orders?

                    Remove one kill while jumping...because I'm pretty much never going to get that.  My button configuration options are limited due to large fingers. I have jump as up on the d-pad.  Screws up my aim if I have to hit that so it's rare that I jump shot.  I thought about making jumping shaking the nunchuk, but that would mean reload would have to be something else.  Basically something critical would have to be on the d-pad, and my thumb is far too large to use the d-pad effectively.  Long story short, there's not much else I can do.  That's just a personal preference thing though.  I normally just fall off of something for that challenge. 


                    Satcom just needs to be removed from the field order rotation.   I'd be fine if they took the dog out too, but everyone knows I dislike that animal.


                    I don't like the leaning idea. 


                    I don't like the booby trap idea.  That's about as cheap as dead man's hand.


                    Everything else is a pretty good idea.


                    The KEM strike care package on strikezone needs to go.  That's just ridiculous.

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                      7. Re: What Do You Think About Field Orders?

                      tvvat squatting!

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                        8. Re: What Do You Think About Field Orders?

                        the camo related ideas are just for that - to help support getting those (like 100 friggen lean kills with a weapon).

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                          9. Re: What Do You Think About Field Orders?

                          It gives you a level one satcom (Eyes On) for the rest of the match. The enemy team cannot get access to it with the wiretap perk too! It's actually a great way to turn a game around if your losing.

                          Last Edited: Jan 24, 2014 9:10 PM
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