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    When is the attitude to anti UAV/Satcom perks going to end?


      It's an interesting debate actually because its only in the more modern CoDs that these debates have really taken off.


      Cast our minds back to the first ever Black Ops, this game did something awe-inspiring it removed Stopping Power which arguably was the most used perk yet the most complained about.


      It was like everyone disliked Stopping Power but everyone used stopping power.


      Now that this perk was removed we turned our attention to Ghost because naturally other than possibly Flak Jacket this was the most powerful perk in the game protection wise.  


      Now Ghost basically acted as off the gird and blind eye combined into one perk. Now this was never a real issue in CoD4, WAW and MW2 even though Ghost was an exact clone of Cold Blooded. Funny eh?


      Well now I personally feel that BO2 basically made everything chaotic by the removal of this one perk, now they didn't remove it but they tried to nerf camping and change the perk to running and well what did they get? Camping and complete cluster bomb of bad spawns, constant UAVs and overall chaos.


      So overall say we remove or seriously nerf it like Black Ops 2 for the next CoD. What perk we complain about next. How dead silence makes you hard to hear? How Amplify is over powered? How Scavenger gives you too much ammo out of the packs?


      The fact is, when will it end? Simple answer? Never.....


      The fact is CoD is dying, we are loosing support every game and unless we go back to fun CoDs where balance wasn't needed and everything was OP we are going to end up with such restricting CoD games that other games will look so much better.


      CoD needs to return to the old generation of how they did games. Return to the CoD4, WAW, MW2 days and really produce something worth more play because if they don't the franchise will die.