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    Fantasy Gaming | Gold Clan Tags | Active Clan | Xbox 360 | Join Today | US/UK/EU/AUS/Canada

      About Us:


      Fantasy Gaming is a friendly GAMING TEAM. We are supported on many different consoles and support many games. Fantasy Gaming started January 9th 2014 and still growing. We have 51 registered users to our site and still getting more. We recruit anybody all over the world US/UK/AUS/EU/Canada. Fantasy Gaming strives to accomplish and for victory. Fantasy Gaming has many goals we want members to take gaming seriously but also take the clans organization seriously and wants to learn we need a team that comes together and sticks together for the gaming portion and the clan portion of this gaming team. Fantasy Gaming has been in active for awhile because the leader had personal issues to take care but we are working on getting more activity going. Join Today!!


      What We Offer


      Website/Forums for members to chat and cnversate.

      Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Twitch for members to tune in for news

      Registered on top100clans to become the best clan and have more votes to get noticed

      Seeking sponsorship for our members to join tournaments and competitions

      Battalions/Squads for our members to be divided into teams and win Battalion Contest

      Weekly Meetings/Activities for our members to know and understand whats going on

      Weekly Practices to teach members strategic tactics and gain skill

      Prizes for payers winning in clan tournaments

      Wonderful Leadership for our members to bond with the Authority

      Rank Structure/Honor Code for our members toget ranked in the clan and completes duties to get promoted within the clan

      Team Speak 3 for our members to chat when they are offline on their consoles

      Gold Clan Tags for Black Ops 2 and Call Of Duty Ghosts




      15+ years of age

      Sign up and Apply (ON WEBSITE)

      Working Headset

      Apply on (Call Of Duty App or Cod Elite)

      Active on website and website forums as to posting and other majority of activities

      Must be trained on Clan Knowledge before you can Recruit, and Get Ranked in the clan

      Maturity at all times




      Email: ftgsyndicatee@gmail.com

      Xbox Gamertag: FtG Syndicatee

      PSN NAME: MonsterIISnazzy

      Website: www.fantasygaming.org


      Thank You!!

      ~FtG Recruitment