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    Disproportion in quality and time for treyarch vs custom zombies

      I feel that there is something very disproportional in the output of zombie maps and the quality of these treyarch maps vs. the custom zombie maps. This is what I mean: Treyarch worked for two years and all we got was 8 maps.(counting green run as three)  The maps were beautiful for the most part.  What I don't unserstand is that the custom zombies maps ( which are not done by a professional game developing team, but rather by people on the side, for no money.) far outnumber the treyarch maps.  How can the custom community put out so many maps, yet treyarch can only do 8. I think we should be getting one map per month from treyarch. At minimum.  I know that the custom maps are not quite as beautiful as the BO2 maps, but damn, for what the custom guys have to work with, they are working 10x harder than treyarch.

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          Re: Disproportion in quality and time for treyarch vs custom zombies

          Because Treyarch's busy with the other modes. I mean this isn't a Zombies only game they gotta fill the gap up with Multiplayer and Story, plus they also gotta handle other ports of of IW's games that isn't on the 360 or PS3. It's not because they don't want to but it's because they can't with all these stuff they have to deal with. As with the Costume Map Makers they have all the time they want to make a bigger and great map because they aren't focus on 3 modes in the span of 1 year. Also don't use the "But they could work on the game after they release the game" excuse (which I haven't seen anyone do) because they still gotta work on DLC.

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