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    Teammates are seen as enemies. [PS4] [GAME BREAKING]

      EDIT: 24.5.2014


      This glitch is still happening. I have seen it so many times that I have lost track.


      When this glitch happens:

      • Your teammates are not showing up on the minimap unless they shoot and it is seen as orange dot.
      • All teammates get orange crsosshair, and name to identify them as enemies.
      • They are also drwan into your sight by the aim assist.
      • This glitch seems to not effect all players at the same time but just one.
      • The score bar in the bottom of the screen is huge and basically goes all across the screen (see the screenshots).
      • Affects all gamemodes.
      • You (or the person having this glitch) is not seen on the leaderboard.
      • You can't spectate any players.
      • When enemy kills you it is show in the killcam that you have blue name.
      • If one of your teammates has this glitch you will see him as enemy.
      • You can't mute players.



      This must be a know glitch? I just came up short when I tired to search for it. You basically can't play when this happens and are forced to leave the game.


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