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    I think the magnum needs some fixing

      My view is if a weapon is hardly used by anyone than some investigating into why should be done and adjusted accordingly. Why buy a cutlery set and only use the forks type of thing.

      Its a 2 shot kill weapon with very low accuracy and fire rate. Its like a baby marksman rifle without the accuracy or sight. even for a secondary its pretty pointless.


      I get 10 times more kills with a throwing knife which is a non explosive lethal. Maybe offer a mod for a bit better fire rate, adjust accuracy a bit, less kick (more like jump) and maybe another sight of sorts.


      i just like to experience different weapons and see no reason why i should stick to my tried and true all the time

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          Re: I think the magnum needs some fixing

          Incorrect the magnum close range can give you a one shot kill to the upper torso and to the head it also has a good range for one shot kill to the head as well,  that means close range it has insane damage.


          This gun rewards accuracy and is a specialized gun for people who want a challenge it is just fine the way it is completely balanced in its role.

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