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    Clan for xbox 360

      I Want to he in a clan that is active, has around 25 to 30 members. Ill help the squad to get in gold or higher. Exclusive items also. K/D is 1.22. Clan must be active.

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          Re: Clan for xbox 360

          i just started a clan it just me and do u wanna join just hmu on xbox 360 at southpaw1213

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            Re: Clan for xbox 360

            Would you be interested in joining our PC clan then i remote you to LT and you can recruit people from Xbox to come to our clan?

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              Re: Clan for xbox 360

              join mine were lvl 8 and were always on doing clan battles whats ur gamer tag msg me SubsidingGore33 you meet all the requirements for KD wise so msg me plz ur KD is great

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                Re: Clan for xbox 360

                me and my friend need a clan contact me Xbox 360  at Slippery Hurdle

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                  Re: Clan for xbox 360

                  I've got a good kd and mic also im a great team playeras well please msg me back

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                    Re: Clan for xbox 360

                    All in all we're a group of vastly different people that come together to have a little fun playing Call of Duty Ghost


                    So if you're in the market for a clan, and want to have fun while also winning then we're the clan for you

                    TAP HEADQUARTERS - Home

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                      Re: Clan for xbox 360

                      We only have 15 members but will be in the gold division for the upcoming clan war. Here is a link to my thread with more information if you are interested: [XBOX 360] active clan looking for a couple more members [5MiM] 5 Minute Majors

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                        Re: Clan for xbox 360

                        pm'd you - if you have questions, let me know.

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                          Re: Clan for xbox 360

                          Hey Nope Krew is now recruiting we are very active. We play to have fun but also to win for more info hit me up. XBL TBG Grundel732

                          *Level: 21

                          *Clan KD: 1.01

                          *Number of Members: 28

                          *Clan Winning: 51%

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                            Re: Clan for xbox 360

                            Looking for an Awesome Clan?

                            TAP Is now recruiting for XBOX360!



                            -XBOX360 system

                            - Must have a mic

                            -MUST be available and ready when clan wars start.


                            - Must be active

                            -KD Does not matter (Skill is not measured by KD)

                            -Must have COD App

                            -Must be chill (no tryhards, no drama)


                            -Age(17+), gender, religion, sexual orientation doesn’t matter


                            -You will have to “try-out” (aka run a few matches with us to see if you’re a fit)


                            -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------


                            All in all we're a group of vastly different people that come together to have a little fun

                            So if you're in the market for a clan, and want to have fun while also winning then we're the clan for you



                            Please contact at either of the following if you are interested:

                            TAP HEADQUARTERS - Home




                            TAP - Facebook


                            If you do not have FB then you can msg one of us directly on XBL. GT is: Akalakamelee, CJ11d7, or Slypayload67


                            TAP is a new clan and is looking for serious but fun players!


                            Hope to see you soon

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                              Re: Clan for xbox 360



                              Please check out our updated clan name! are u still looking for a clan?

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                                Re: Clan for xbox 360

                                Our clan is fairly new, 2 months old,  but has been growing with VERY ACTIVE players.  We enjoy winning! We have members playing every evening into late night/early morning hours. 



                                We are level 22, undefeated platinum division clan,  We've had a 500 point lead in all divisions in clan wars, and ended the past platinum division war with over 800cp.  We all have mics, we get along great, have fun, and play with each other nightly. We currently have 25 members.



                                During clan wars we play whatever we need to in order to win. We have members that enjoy core and hard core,  which makes us a very strong clan when it comes to capturing nodes! We expect clan members to group up together and play whatever modes we need.  Clan wars is much easier when your clan works together.



                                We don't care about k/d, and believe that it is not a reflection of skill, especially when it comes to playing objective based game modes. However,  we want at least average, if not above average skill. We win most of our matches when we are grouped up.



                                We are looking for friendly, mature, and active team players who can contribute during clan wars.  We consider active to be 10 or more hours per week. Having a headset, DLC, and the ghosts app is extremely helpful and required. We also have a clan website that we expect you to join.  It allows us to all be on the same page and have an alternate form of communication when the clan app is down,  which has happened every single clan war!



                                We plan on going into Diamond after the next clan war and will require members to commit to the full 12 hours.



                                If your interested and this sounds like it would work for you send me a message on here and I'll send you an invite.

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                                  Re: Clan for xbox 360

                                  If you are still looking for a clan, I am the co-leader of KoGK Gaming (Kill or Get Killed) and we are looking for new members! We are a level 23 clan in the platinum division, and we have a controller sponsor and an apparel sponsor. Message KoGK Luigi on XBL for more info!

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                                    Re: Clan for xbox 360

                                    MODIFIED KILLERS [MK] IS RECRUITING !! (X 360)


                                    Whats up everyone I'm currently looking for  members to join my clan Modified Killers  (MK). We are a new CoD Ghost clan but been a strong gaming clan for years and looking to start a strong CODGHOST Clan. We are currently taking part in Diamond Division Clan Wars. As some of you know diamond clan wars are Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we need people that can play those days NO MATTER WHAT, we have to get ready, i want to make sure that we get the victory on all clan wars to come. So far, we only lost one Diamond Division clan wars.


                                    ABOUT MODIFIED KILLERS (MK);

                                    - We only lost 1 regular clan war on patinium, and 1 on diamond out of all clan wars that had happened.

                                    -Clan was created the 1st day COD GHOST came out and had participate is ALL clan wars.

                                    -Clan leader is xdaremx (xbox360)

                                    -W/L 60%   *** K/D 1.59 *****   Highest KD in clan 2.38

                                    - Members as right now 14. (limited until 20)- i don't want a big clan, i just want an decent amount of people to have fun, win and unlock stuff

                                    - East Coast Players Prefer , but everyone is welcome (just make sure time zones are not a problem to participate on clan wars).

                                    Anything else you want to know before joining send me a MSG at xDaremx (XBOX360)


                                    REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN MK;

                                    * I don't really care about KD that much, i just care about how often you play and performance in game, KD  require is 1.0 to try out, 1.5 to get invite.

                                    * Must be able to play Friday - Saturday and Sunday from 7:00pm to 11:pm eastern time zone (East Coast Players prefered)

                                    * About the age, well if you are not a crying and yelling in the mic little kid, i am sure we can work it out, and an  ACTIVE  GHOST player.

                                    *Must have access to COD APP.

                                    * Must be friendly and respect clan members that now  will become your new friends (disrespect in any way to  clan members will  not be allow).



                                    Now, if you have these requirements and have what it takes to kick ass on Diamond Division clan wars and want to join MK please send a message to Xbox gamertag --   xDaremx .

                                    ************************** YOU MUST HURRY SPACES ARE LIMITED!!.*********************************************

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                                      Re: Clan for xbox 360

                                      Hello Fellow Gamer(s),

                                      This is a message to invite to you to DefCon Gaming, an established community we offer not only a high level aspect of social gaming but also have the avenues to explore competitive gaming, we have a strong and structured system in place we may seem different to that of other clans and communities. Throughout the week we host numerous game nights and tournaments such as COD Gamenights ( MW3, BO2 and Ghosts) and GTA V gamenights of which we have a large number of players who play GTA V numerous times a week. We also have a large array of members who play Minecraft, Titanfall and sports series such as NHL, NBA and Fifa. We are possibly looking to expand to a fully established PC section, and will be involving Destiny in with all of our other specialized games.

                                      Specialized - Games (On Xbox, PS and PC)

                                      1. Call Of Duty

                                      2. Battlefield

                                      3. GTA

                                      4. EA Sports

                                      5. Minecraft

                                      6. Titanfall

                                      7. Destiny (When Launched)

                                      8. Runescape (Clan Just Launched)

                                      This is not only a great community to join but also a great time to join, as we have future leadership spots opening soon in order to meet the demands of future games whether that will be on the Xbox, Playstation or PC.

                                      We also aim to improve your gaming enjoyment online, i can speak for myself in that i prefer to play as part of a team in public lobbies rather than playing solo and due to this social aspect rather than competitive aspect we are looking for people from all over the globe and we do not accept players depending on their level of gaming. If you are interested in joining then feel free to visit the site here: http://defcon-gaming.com If you then wish to join DC then apply to join, to do this simply click on the Join DC button at the top right hand side of the forum.

                                      We also use skype to chat within the community and if you have any questions regarding the community then contact myself: Mikestrike03 and i'll answer a much as i possibly can. I hope to see some of you soon in game nights or competitions and feel free to say hello when you do sign up and i'll do my best to get you started within DefCon Gaming.

                                      Quick Point-List (What We Offer)

                                      1. Game Nights (Multiple Games)

                                      2. Social and Competitive aspects

                                      3. Highly Experienced leaders online and offline

                                      4. Training in Graphics, Competitive and more!

                                      5. Media

                                      6. Events

                                      7. Chilled Environment

                                      8. Gamer's from all over the globe

                                      9. Competitions

                                      10. Too much to list!

                                      How To Join:

                                      1. Visit DefCon Gaming Here: http://defcon-gaming.com/home

                                      2. Sign up by starting an application by pressing the "Join DC" button at the top right of the forum.

                                      3. Use my name in the Referral part of the application: DC Mikestrike cA

                                      4. Get into contact with Mikestrike03 through Skype, or through the messaging system on the DC Forum.

                                      Thanks for reading!

                                      Mikestrike03 ~ DC Gaming.

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